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Soul Vitamins: Amethyst


Amethyst vibrates with the energy of clarity, peace, and balance.


Origin and History

The word amethyst comes from a Greek root, “amethystos,” which literally translates to "not intoxicating.” Both ancient Greek and Roman civilizations shared the belief that this gemstone had the power to prevent drunkenness, and would create drinking vessels that were either adorned by the stone, or carved completely from it. Additionally, medieval soldiers wore amethyst stones and talisman to protect them from physical harm and emotional distress in battle. Eventually, the amethyst was deemed the healing gemstone, regarded highly by many cultures for its power to cultivate peace and harmony.  


Soul of the Crystal

Amethyst vibrates with the energy of clarity, peace, and balance. Associated with the crown chakra, this spiritually powerful gemstone is said to deepen consciousness, while calming and releasing the mind from anxiety and perturbation. By enhancing spiritual awareness and wisdom, intuition is heightened and tranquility is fostered. Amethyst is also famously known as the sobriety stone, helping to manage overindulgence, addiction, and compulsion. Through this newfound inner strength and purification, those who work with amethyst will open up a path of reconnection to their higher self, drawing in Divine energy, a sense of wholeness, and true peace within.

Why we love it

The calming energy of amethyst feels like a soft, warm blanket that envelops us in serenity and stillness when we need it most. And after we’ve been given this moment of necessary comfort, it inspires us to transform our worries into supercharged energy that gets us right back on track of being a spiritual badass in no time.

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