Soul Vitamins: Rainbow Moonstone

Origin and History:

The moonstone has a rich history in folklore and mythology, due to the fact that many ancient cultures believed this gem to be made of solidified moonbeams. Just by looking at the stone, it is easy to see its lunar association. When light hits its surface, the moonstone’s internal microstructure scatters the light, producing an optical phenomenon known as adularescence. The result is a milky glow that emerges from beneath its surface, shimmering and moving as the stone is turned.

Soul of the Crystal:

Just like wishing on a shooting star in the night sky, Moonstone carries an aura of hope that allows you to flow in harmony with your deepest desires and aspirations. This magickal gemstone brings out the inner goddess by enhancing feminine energies, while aiding in emotional balance and understanding of what is truly desired and deserved. Moonstone has the unique energy to encourage acceptance of change and alleviate the fear or uneasiness associated with it. It may not always attract what is wanted at the time, but it is sure to attract what is truly needed, making it a powerful guiding stone.

Why we love it:

Moonstone inspires us to step into our purpose with power and passion every single day. It allows us see beauty in the simplicities of our physical world and trust in the universe to guide us along our spiritual journey of wholeness. Just like the moon, we go through phases, and we are reminded to appreciate the wisdom and change that each phase brings.