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Soul Vitamins: Rose Quartz


Origin and History

While many ancient civilizations are known to have used variations of quartz crystals as powerful talismans (rose quartz included), the metaphysical differences between the different types were not immediately distinguished in many cultures. However, the Egyptians did hold the belief that rose quartz could preserve beauty and prevent aging, and thus created masks out of the stone to place on the faces of their revered dead during burial.

Soul of the Crystal

Rose quartz vibrates with the energy of unconditional love, especially when cultivated by yourself, for yourself. By gently encouraging the heart chakra to be open and ready to receive the love that it deserves, this gemstone aids tremendously in healing from loss or heartbreak. Also known as the stone of comfort, the rose quartz energy releases and soothes any built up emotional trauma or tension that may be preventing you from stepping into the power of true, unshakable self-love. And only by reaching this place of compassion and appreciation internally first, can you then go on to fully share your love with the world.

Why we love it

We are constantly striving to see life through rose (quartz) tinted glasses! Love is the single most powerful universal force, and it all starts from within. We can always count on rose quartz to deliver a much-needed dose of comfort, relief, trust, healing, and love straight to our mind, heart, body, and soul.

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