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Soul Vitamins: Citrine


Origin and History

Citrine is the second most popular quartz variety, behind amethyst. However, natural citrine is very rare to come by, as nearly all citrine material on the market is, in fact, amethyst that has been heat-treated. Mother Earth naturally creates citrine within her geothermal mantle layer, which is mimicked by kilns using lightly-colored amethyst. Since heating a stone is not enough to alter its molecular structure (which gives it its healing and energetic powers) it simply comes down to preference when working with natural vs. heat-treated citrine. By changing the color of the stone to orange or pale yellow, it no longer resonates with the violet color frequency, enabling it to take on a new set of metaphysical healing properties.

Soul of the Crystal

This sweet and sunny crystal radiates positive energy that centers the body and mind, lifts the spirit, and dissipates negativity, while delivering a supercharged boost of strength and confidence to the solar plexus chakra. The light, happiness, and influence of its aura will inspire you to have the courage to rise to any challenge that is presented, making it a powerful tool for personal manifestation. As an added bonus, this particular gemstone is said to be only one of two minerals that is energetically self-cleaning, meaning that it will not hold onto any negative energy that it has absorbed over time.

Why we love it

This juicy gemstone is the ultimate secret weapon to help conquer your fear and go after your dreams. Simply feeling the positive and joyous energy that radiates from citrine is enough to inspire us to break out of our comfort zones and transform into our highest and most powerful selves.

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