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Soul Vitamins: Green Aventurine


Origin and History

Etymologically, the name aventurine comes from the Italian “ventura,” meaning good fortune, luck, or chance. This is in reference to how aventurine’s unique essence was first discovered in the 18th century. Legend has it that Venetian glass workers accidentally dropped copper filings into a vat of molten glass. When the batch of glass cooled, it had magnificent, iridescent sparkles randomly scattered throughout. The name “aventurine” was later given to the natural stone, as it beared a strong resemblance to this glass.

Soul of the Crystal

Green aventurine is famed for being the stone of prosperity. Its energy is said to attract new opportunity and bolster the manifestation of abundance, in every sense of the word. By strengthening the heart and empowering the sense of self, green aventurine will allow you to become more open and receptive to new opportunity and fortuity. Its strong healing energy renews the spirit, creating a sense of enthusiasm and excitement for life. From this newfound perspective, you are better able to make decisions about your life from a place of love, self-knowledge, and self-respect. Remember that abundance is a choice. 

Why we love it

In working with this gemstone, we are able to release the things that no longer serve us and create space to receive an abundance of everything that we desire. We love the unexpected surprises and opportunities that begin to pop up, simply from putting out our intention to authentically receive and letting green aventurine handle the rest.

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