The Power of Ritual: You can't spell SPIRITUAL Without RITUAL

We are all creatures of habit. From our morning routine to how we take our coffee, we know what we like, and often stick to it.

Though habits (good or bad) also get repeated, rituals are based more on mindful intentions that carry a specific intent.

In ancient times, rituals were designed to conjure something of one’s desires they didn’t already have. Like ceremonies asking for rain, offerings made to appease certain deities, acquire bounty and prosperity, or attempts to understand the unknown.

Additionally, they were carried out to celebrate or mark specific events, which ultimately helped create identity and shape community.

Today, rituals continue to carry a world of importance as they help us connect with something that feels so much larger and unreachable to us that we’re actually very much a part of. We are all energy transmitters and our energy connects us- like attracts like. Whatever it is that you emit you're attracting in return. With ritual, we help calm our bodies and minds to vibrate higher, because when you vibrate higher, you feel good, attract abundance and other like minded souls to come in to guide or assist you on your journey (true story).

At ASCENTION BEAUTY CO, we are rooted in ritual that celebrates all of our senses in simple ceremonies, specifically through our sense of smell. Not only does it impact our memory, it also creates the emotional response that rides alongside it. We all have had moments where we smell something and it gives us a visceral reaction relating to when it was first experienced.

By creating a ritual with fragrance, specifically inspired by the principles of aromatherapy, the emotions that each scent evokes become perpetually available to you whenever you need it. To us, rituals can be as simple as setting your intentions with a mantra and sealing it with our fragrance to new moon or full moon ceremonies, ritual baths, with crystal healing, smudging, candles and spells. Our Ritual Bottles, coming this Spring 2020, are the epitome of ritual-power to hold in the palm of your hand.

Till then, pick the ASCENTION fragrance that speaks to you in the SPIRITUAL FRAGRANCE FLIGHT 1111, recite the mantra that's written in the set, set your intentions as if they already are. Hold on to that feeling of happiness, love and bliss and lock it in with your fragrance. The magic happens when your vibration drops throughout the day, spray your fragrance as your secret weapon to help you pivot, and take a step back in gratitude knowing that you are on the right path and have a tool to keep you going and raise your vibe back up.

In an ever-changing, tumultuous, curveball-throwing world, rituals are more important than ever to help you re-connect to strength, positivity, and peace of mind to keep your powerwalk moving steadily forward.