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5 x 2ml / 0.07 fl oz mini eau de parfum spray vials
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Powered by aromatherapy, ritual and your intent. Are you ready to elevate your mind?

Each of our vegan fragrances is consciously-crafted using key aromatherapy ingredients that evoke elevated emotions.

These fragrances are paired with mantras and affirmations that help you remember who you are and capture that feel-good moment anytime, anywhere.


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How it works

When you associate an evocative scent (a fragrance that’s designed with key aromatherapy ingredients that evoke positive feelings or ASCENTION) with a positive experience, you create an emotion. You can call on that emotion each time you smell the fragrance, whenever you need to dial up your vibe or maintain the energy.

ASCENTION FRAGRANCE FLIGHT discover all five fragrances ascent to love, ascent to peace, ascent to detox, ascent to prosperity, ascent to courage

Why it works?

Scent is our strongest sense when it comes to memory and emotion. We are one hundred times more likely to remember something that we smell over any of our other senses.

Using positive affirmations and mantras and locking in that feel-good emotion with your ASCENTION scents and rituals sets the foundation for the day.

This fragrance flight is the ultimate toolkit to help you transmute any negative, low-vibing emotions (think fear, anxiety, stress, anger, jealousy, uncertainty, etc...) into realignment and to reboot with high-vibing thoughts (think forgiveness, self-love, self-belief, courage, detox, peace, hope, abundance, gratitude etc.).

Each fragrance flight comes with a mantra and breathing ritual.

Read more here on unleashing your own magic.

Let the universe guide you. Chances are, the fragrances within this set that resonate with you, are the ones that you need to work with.

Clean, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Leaping Bunny Certified, Made with Love and Intention.