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ASCENTION Angel Number Necklaces


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What repeating number do you see? Did you know that these numbers carry a meaning from your higher self? They are Angel Numbers, discover their meaning below. 


Effortlessly elegant, goes with any aesthetic. Layer with our NATURAL CRYSTAL GODDESS NECKLACES  & ZODIAC NAMEPLATE NECKLACES for a super elegant bohemian look. 


Gold: 18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel Link Chain.

Silver: Stainless Steel Link Chain. 

Tarnish free, withstands fragrance, chlorine, salt water, sunblock, sweat, lotions etc.

18 inch chain with adjustable closure.

Packaged in white pebbled vegan-leather ASCENTION coin pouch.

Includes manifestation ritual card.

What numbers do you see? // ANGEL NUMBER MEANINGS:

111: Make a wish! 
This is usually the first number sequence that you see, it's the code of awakening. Pay attention to your thoughts when you see this number, as whatever you're thinking will manifest.

222:  Faith it till you make it.
Everything is happening for you and not to you. What if it turns out better than you imagined or asked for? Stay in alignment and balanced in your feel-good energy, as your manifestations are on their way. Instead of being impatient or worrying, dial up your self-belief and trust, knowing that the universe always takes care of you. It's coming. 

333: You're protected.
Align your mind, body and spirit and listen to your intuition. The ascended masters / Goddess / ancestors are trying to get your attention to guide you. Put action behind your goals, dial up your communication skills and manifest. This is your sign to go after it.

444: You are on the right path.
Your angels and soul tribe are with you and they are guiding you. Listen to the inner voice inside of you. When you take inspired action towards your intentions, they manifest in divine time. Success is yours, keep going.

555: Major positive change is coming.
Change is good, it's time to evolve -- Don't worry. Release the old outdated ways of thinking and doing. Let go, to bring in new and better suited circumstances. Remember rejection is protection or redirection. 

666: Trust in the unknown, that's where the magic happens.
Focus less on what you don't have or that it hasn't manifested yet. Instead, dial up your trust knowing that it's on the way and it's time to level up in order to match the frequency of receiving.

777:  Miracles are manifesting.
You are leveling up and doing the work. Keep going, you are on the right path and miracles and solutions are coming. 

888: Abundance is yours.
Material and financial abundance is on the way. Your manifestations are entering your reality.

999:  This one is for the lightworkers.
A phase in your life is coming to an end. Remember, with every ending brings a new beginning that's better suited for who you are evolving into. This is a really good thing, regardless of how it feels at the moment. 




angel number necklace 111 222 333 444 555 666 777 888 999

ASCENTION Angel Number Necklaces


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Unique gift idea!

Ordered these for myself and my bridesmaids!

Love my necklace!!!

333 love it so much!

Silver 111 is a MUST-HAVE!

This number plate is so aesthetically pleasing. So shiny, delicate, pretty, I love it so much! And the constant reminder that what you're thinking you will manifest, is a reminder we all need....our minds so easily go negative, so this is perfect for anyone! Ooh, really great gift idea...

The best gift ever!

I received this as a gift and it's the most thoughtful gift with intent. Super amazing quality! Going to gift this to my girls this holiday for sure. <3

Gorgeous Daily Reminder!

I had to grab 444 since I was seeing it constantly…this gorgeous gold necklace is a beautiful reminder that I am on the right path! It’s perfect for me during this transitional time in my life. I love pairing it with the Green Aventurine Goddess Pendant…a powerful combo and looks beautiful together! Thank you for creating this collection…it’s what I’ve been waiting for!