With two decades of experience under her belt, Greta Fitz is no stranger to disrupting the beauty and fragrance industries.

In the early years of her career, Greta worked alongside incredible teams and mentors to globally fuel the growth of iconic fragrance brands like Ralph Lauren, John Varvatos, and Calvin Klein.

Along the way, she became an expert in creating fragrances that evoke an emotional connection – a task she meets with passion and enthusiasm.

Most recently, Greta journeyed into the world of clean beauty and co-created with Sephora one of the first eco-conscious brands that directed its focus toward sustainability and bringing consciousness to ingredients and materials used on the body and the environment. Out of this vision for a cleaner industry standard, CLEAN Reserve was born, and later expanded into new markets through her creation of the Avant Garden Collection. The success of these collections further confirmed Greta’s intuition that the beauty and fragrance industries were headed in a new direction – one that she saw an opportunity to pioneer.