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Greta Fitz is the Founder and CEO of Ascention, the first wellness fragrance collection that's on a mission to help you discover your best-self through the evocative power of aromatherapy and the ancient healing energies of fair-trade crystals, together in rituals that work to condition a positive mindset of self-love, self-care and self-belief.

With over two decades of experience building and growing brands at L'Oreal, Coty and Shiseido, as well as disrupting the fragrance industry with the creation of Clean Reserve, Greta has now coupled her personal and professional experience with her passion, creating a whole new beauty category that she calls “Wellness Fragrance.”

When unexpectedly faced with a serious health scare, Greta turned to aromatherapy, crystals and rituals to condition her positive mindset and healing, ultimately improving her life for the better. Realizing she couldn't find a luxurious offering that did the same, she decided to create her own to inspire and empower others on their unique wellness journeys. 

Greta's intention is to bring awareness and insight on the importance of a clean mind in order to live a healthy, balanced and abundant life and how scent can help us re-root and reboot, regardless of what obstacles we may face.

"When you associate a scent with a positive feeling that you created, you can call upon that feeling whenever you need it throughout the day. If you want to keep the vibe high or if you need to dial it up, our sense of smell is powerful, especially when it's triggered by the key ingredients that work to evoke those desired feelings." xo Greta