Did you get everyone on your list? Check in with yourself first, did you take care of you? If so, then keep reading.

Let's us suggest a few Loves on your list who could use a bit of self-care with our Fragrance Flight and/or a Ritual to-go, to keep their vibe high or to dial it up.

✅ One for your co-worker who just scored a dream job, to capture this moment with a fragrance.

✅ One to say thank you for your sis who always has the best advice.

✅ One for your bestie who had a tough year, to remind her that she's got this.

✅ One to celebrate your mom who is the queen host.

✅ One for your boo who always has your back, to say you have theirs too!

✅ …and one for you to remind you of how amazing you are!

so much love to you,

xx Greta, founder