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The word 'ascension' means to rise to higher levels of being. We've taken that word to the next-level (pun intended) and created ASCENTION, which means to rise to higher states of being through scent.

Are you ready to clean your mind with fragrance? Let's go!

At ASCENTION Beauty Co., we’re all about love (who isn’t?), but to us, true love starts from within. Self-Love is the greatest love of all and self-care is a key component of that. Self-care to us means to listen to your body and to give your body what it needs to re-balance and to re-root.

Start with setting aside five minutes in the morning to make magic. Your mind is at a clean, fresh blank state. Instead of hopping on your phone to check messages or your feed, check in with yourself first. 

While brushing your teeth, doing your makeup or getting dressed, take five minutes to remind yourself of how amazing you are with positive affirmations and mantras. You can write your own, or use ours to start. 

To truly make the magic happen, and what makes it super effective is the use of aromatherapy. We've taken the guess work out of it for you and designed clean, luxurious scents around the key principles of aromatherapy that evoke emotions of self-love, peace and balance, detox, prosperity and abundance and of course courage to get it all done. 

Many fragrances contain harsh chemicals to help make them last for what seems like forever. Ours are timed perfectly to linger around you and no one else and to re-apply them throughout the day, when you need them most to recenter, re-balance and re-root. 

When you invest 5 minutes a day in your morning, you're investing in yourself and your transformation. That is magic (and has a high ROI), because when you self-care, it shows.


What sets us apart?