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Greta Fitz is the Founder and CEO of ASCENTION Beauty Co., Inc.

ASCENTION is the premier wellness fragrance collection that's on a mission to help you discover your best-self through the evocative power of aromatherapy and the ancient healing energies of fair-trade crystals, together in rituals that work to elevate your mind.

With over two decades of experience building and growing brands at L'Oréal, Coty and Shiseido, as well as disrupting the clean fragrance industry with the creation of Clean Reserve, Founder and CEO of ASCENTION Beauty Co., Greta Fitz, has taken the culmination of her extensive clean beauty expertise, alongside her own wellness journey, to create a whole new beauty category that she calls “Wellness Fragrance.”

Inspired by Greta’s wellness journey from a serious health-scare, she realized the power of scent and how it’s directly tied to emotions. She used this in her own self-care journey to help her elevate her mind in times of stress. She combined fair-trade crystals to empower her positive intentions and when she searched for a luxurious product line that was similar to her rituals, she couldn’t find one, and soon realized that she had to create it to pay it forward to others.

ASCENTION is the premier wellness fragrance that's rooted in mindfulness and self-care. It pushes the boundaries of what fragrance is. It’s not just about smelling good, but more about feeling good.

Greta's intention is to bring awareness and insight on the importance of a clean, balanced mind in order to live a healthy and abundant life. Her mission is to inspire, empower and motivate others through the power of scent. To educate that scent is our strongest sense that’s tied to our memory and emotion-- we have it for a reason to help us realign with feel-good emotions, regardless of what obstacles we may face.

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