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ASCENTION Fragrance Flight

5 x 2ml | 0.07 fl. oz.
Mini Eau De Parfum Vials
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Welcome to your wellness experience. ASCENTION pushes the boundaries of what fragrance is. Instead of just smelling good, it's about feeling good, making it a true self-care experience.

Discover your ASCENTION fragrance with our fragrance flight. Each ASCENTION fragrance is designed with the key aromatherapy ingredients that evoke self-love, peace, detox, courage and prosperity-- whatever you need to elevate your mind.

Universal mantra included on the inside flap. Powered by aromatherapy and your intent: scent with intent to elevate your mind.









Unboxing the Flight

Watch our founder, Greta Fitz, take you through the Ascention Fragrance flight to help you find your scent with intent. Self-love, peace, detox, courage and prosperity, whatever you need to elevate your mind.


Read more on the Key Aromatherapy Ingredients:

Ascent to Courage

a sophisticated, smoky, woody fragrance with a burst of juicy citrus wrapped in comforting fig.

Ascent to Peace

a luxurious invigorating burst of bergamot blended with calming lavender, grounded with earthy vetiver.

Ascent to Love

an addictive blend of juicy red currants and strawberries, laced with delicious vanilla and musk.

Ascent to Detox

is a refined woody blend of sandalwood, palo santo, amber and musk. It wears effortlessly on your skin with sexy, calming and uplifting qualities.

Ascent to Prosperity 

is a sophisticated yet comforting freshness of grounding sandalwood, oak-moss, patchouli, vetiver, kissed with white freesia and freshly cracked coconut water.


Where are the fragrances made?
The fragrances are made in the USA
Are they ethically made?
Yes, they are ethically made. Our formulas are clean, vegan, cruelty-free, leaping bunny certified. We do not use endangered species, and no child labor.
Are ASCENTION Fragrances non toxic?
Yes, ASCENTION fragrances are safe, and not toxic. They are free from endocrine disruptors (i.e. Phthalates, Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) and Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) Parabens etc.), vegan, cruelty-free and clean.
What does nature identical mean?
A nature idential ingredient is a safe-synthetic that is manufactured in a laboratory using green chemistry. A safe-synthetic can be naturally derived, where the starting material is a natural ingredient, or petrochemically derived. A naturally occurring ingredient can also be synthesized in the lab.
Are synthetics bad?
No, the safety of all fragrance synthetics has been evaluated by the RIFM Expert Panel for Fragrance Safety. The FCA (previously known as IFRA) uses this information to set safe use levels for each ingredient. They are safe to use on skin at said levels. Synthetics are manufactured from many starting materials, including petrochemicals and natural ingredients. There are many advantages of using synthetics, including reducing the burden on limited natural resources and lowering the impact on the environment.
Are the fragrances hypoallergenic?
"This term means “less allergenic”. If a fragrance contains natural essential oils, allergens will be present. A “hypoallergenic” fragrance is almost completely made of synthetic ingredients. It is the FDA’s position that there is no such thing as a ""non-allergenic"" cosmetic - that is, a cosmetic that can be guaranteed never to produce an allergic reaction. "

ASCENTION is the premier wellness fragrance that's rooted in mindfulness and self-care.

Your self-care starts here. ASCENTION pushes the boundaries of what fragrance is. Instead of just smelling good, it's about feeling good, making it a true self-care experience.

Research shows that scent is our strongest sense that ties to memory and emotion.

Each ASCENTION fragrance is designed with the key ingredients that evoke self-love, peace, detox, courage and prosperity and infused with an authentic crystal that corresponds to each scent to empower your intentions with every mist.

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ASCENTION Fragrance Flight


Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Allison Hunter
I love these!!

I have tried all the scents in the sample and love them all, they make me feel very at peace and happy when I spray them on me or my pillows. I would definitely get the sample pack to see which one is your favorite, but I love them all so it will be hard to choose!

Jennifer Pratt
Enjoying them all

I originally purchased this item to see which fragrance I would enjoy the most. I am so torn but I have managed to get my choices down to 3. My birthday is next month so I will probably treat myself and buy the full size of Peace, Love and Detox.

Elizabeth Culp

I’m so glad I decided to try all of them, they are all very distinct in their scents. I’m obsessed with ascent to love, I think I’ll be purchasing that one. It’s like the perfect sweet combination without being overpowering. Courage is also amazing and so is detox. Peace is incredible. It’s so hard to choose!! I’m so glad I decided to try them all. Will totally be purchasing ascent to love soon!

Sarah Dobbins

The scents are so incredible even my daughters ask for me to spritz the peace one on them at night to help them sleep.
Our favorite scent so far is Love, but honestly each one is amazing and special in its own right. It really depends on what you're vibing with that day. So glad I got the sampler pack and looking forward to purchasing a full Love bottle.

Crystal Patterson

I ordered the sample pack to test out all of the scents, and while I love all of them, Prosperity is by far my favorite. I even spritz myself before I go to bed so I can drift off to sleep to that beautiful scent. I can't wait to get a full sized bottle of it!