Embracing Cosmic Alignment: A Powerful Affirmation for Release and Growth with Ascent to Peace With Amethyst Perfume

Embracing Cosmic Alignment: A Powerful Affirmation for Release and Growth with Ascent to Peace With Amethyst Perfume

As Mercury goes direct, illuminating the lessons learned and unveiling what was once hidden, we stand at the precipice of profound growth and release. We cannot deny that this cosmic experience was intense on many levels. If this resonates, as yourself the following: 

What lessons have you learned? What patterns came to light? How are you getting in your own way? What have you released
or are working on releasing?

This is a powerful affirmation to recite while applying your
Ascent to Peace Perfume to harness this powerful cosmic energy.


As the transformative journey of Mercury retrograde comes to a close,
I embrace the wisdom gained and bid farewell to the shadows it exposed.

With introspection and courage, I faced my obstacles head-on,
Unraveling their lessons, understanding where growth had gone.

I release the doubts and fears that held me back,
Releasing their grip, allowing my spirit to unpack.

Just as the majestic Amethyst glistens in tranquil grace,
I ascend towards peace, embracing my truest space.

I let go of patterns that no longer serve my soul,
Breaking free from limitations, embracing my highest goal.

In the stillness of my mind, I find clarity and peace,
Harnessing the energy of Amethyst, allowing it to increase.

Its purple hues ignite my intuition, guiding my way,
Embracing inner harmony, and trusting in the words I say.

I affirm that obstacles no longer define my path,
For I am a resilient being, empowered to surpass.

I welcome the energy of transformation and growth,
Embracing the lessons learned, for they've made me both wise and bold.

As Mercury regains its forward momentum with might,
I step into the light, embracing my own divine right.

I am aligned with the universe, my spirit radiates,
With Amethyst's grace, I soar above life's disarrayed states.

I release all that no longer aligns with my truest self,
Embracing my power, in perfect harmony, I dwell.

So mote it be, as I speak these words with conviction,
I embrace the end of retrograde, embracing my soul's benediction.

With gratitude and love, I welcome a new chapter to unfold,
Harnessing the wisdom gained as my future I now mold.



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