The Proprietary ASCENTION Perfume Ritual for Manifestation

Life is filled with fear, stress and obstacles, but we can't let that deter us from going after our dreams. We dream about them for a reason! Obstacles are life lessons to prepare us to achieve our destiny or to align you on your desired path. Our own journey has demonstrated that when you feel-good, you are in more alignment to attract abundance and manifest miracles. The secret to manifestation is to align your energy with the energy of your desire and to actually become the person you want to be that’s already in alignment with that desire.

The ASCENTION fragrance ritual is designed to help you align with your desire and to keep you in this alignment with your scent[ses], we have them for a reason!. Without action or alignment, there is no magic. Let’s activate your magic together.

You ready? I got you, 

xo Greta Fitz, Founder

1 Choose your fragrance that speaks to you either by the crystal, intention, your desire, or the fragrance profile (what it smells like).Follow your gut and you'll never go wrong.

2 Remove the stone, cleanse yourself and your fragrance with sustainable Palo Santo, or a smoke cleanse of choice. Think about your desires. Set your intention into the stone and say it as it already is. For example, for abundance and prosperity, you can say the following:

"I am grateful for all that I have and that has yet to find me. All of the money that I spend comes back to me in copious amounts, effortlessly. The more that I have, the more that I give."

For added magic, write it down on a small piece of paper and put it under the stone in the tray. Lock the stone into the fragrance with the base.

3 Apply your fragrance and recite your affirmation from the enclosed card. Feel what it feels like to receive your intentions and lock that in with scent.

4 As you go about your day, re-apply as needed to remember that feel-good feeling that you created with scent, to dial up your vibe or to keep it high. Use as needed.