How It Works: The Power of Scent & Ritual

Fun Fact: Scent is our strongest sense when it comes to our memory and emotion. When you have an experience with a scent, you create an impression or a memory.

Let's take it a step further...

When you do something consistently for 21 days it forms a habit, and anything 30-90 days after creates a lifestyle and behavior change. 

Putting it all together, you can actually clean your mind with fragrance and create positive behaviors of self-love and self-belief. See our step-by-step guide below. Your self-care starts with a clean mind, because when you self-care it shows!

Step 1

Choose your fragrance and emotion, such as: self-love, peace, prosperity, courage or detox.

Step 2

Personalize your fragrance with your intention (what are your goals, wishes, aspirations, etc?) Say them as if they already are. For example for self-love you can say: I am love, I have love, I feel love in everything I do.

Our Patented Ritual Bottle is designed for you to personalize with your intentions. You can also do this with our fragrance vials and your own crystals separately too!

Step 3

Apply your fragrance and recite your mantra in the morning.

Step 4

As you go about your day, re-apply as needed to remember your intention (and that memory/impression you made with it that morning).

This is where the magic happens because as you go throughout the day, life will throw obstacles your way and your fragrance is your secret weapon in helping you remember your intention and who you really are.