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We are consciously-crafted for you and the environment.

We believe that we are all connected. What we put out to the universe comes back to us. We take great care in our product and packaging formations. We work with the finest ingredients, using green chemistry, that doesn't strip the earth of its natural resources or fills up our landfills and oceans.

Our products are made with recyclable materials. Our bottles are refillable and recyclable. Our crystals are fair-trade, which means that our crystal supplier ensures that both the environment and the people who mine, cut and craft their gemstones have been treated with the respect they deserve.

Ascention fragrances are exclusively developed by MANE who is committed to sustainable development and has proudly received the Platinum ranking by EcoVadis, placing MANE in the top 1% among more than 60,000 companies assessed by EcoVadis
throughout the world!

Specifically our crystals

Traceability, knowing the origin and the mines that the crystals originate from.

Cutting facilities have ventilation to avoid silica dust.

All facilities have fire extinguishers and fire exits.

No one under 18 years of age is employed.

Workers receive at least minimum wage and are controlled by union representation.

Government mandated environmental laws are followed.

Get to know your ASCENTION Ritual Bottle

Consciously-crafted and made with love for you and the environment. Designed to stay with you on your journey. Hover over the bottle to discover how: