how creating my brand ASCENTION saved my life

How Healing Your Unhealed Wounds Can Unblock Your Manifestations

Are you struggling to manifest your desires? Do you feel like there's something blocking you from receiving what you truly want? The truth is, the only thing standing in the way of your manifestations is yourself (I said what I said, with a big hug and love). Your unhealed wounds, limiting beliefs, and negative self-talk can create blocks that prevent you from receiving the abundance and opportunities that are waiting for you. But there is a way to overcome these blocks and unlock your full potential as a co-creator of your reality. Today I felt called to share my own experience and healing journey with you and even tell you how creating ASCENTION, my own brand and company, saved my life.

Identifying the Blocks

For years, I struggled with anxiety, self-doubt, and feelings of unworthiness. I was  always super competitive and had big dreams and desires, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't seem to manifest them. I blamed the Universe, my circumstances, and other people for my lack of success which led to severe health issues. But the truth was, I was the one creating my own blocks.

Through therapy, self-reflection, and spiritual practices, I began to identify the unhealed wounds that were holding me back. I had deep-seated beliefs that I wasn't good enough, that I didn't deserve success, and that I would always fail. I didn't realize that I was giving away my power through looking for validation from others. These limiting beliefs were keeping me stuck in a cycle of self-sabotage and preventing me from receiving the abundance that was waiting for me, because I wasn't ready to receive it.

Healing the Wounds

Once I identified my blocks, I began the process of healing them. This was a difficult and painful journey, but it was also one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I worked with a therapist and a spiritual mentor to heal my past traumas, reprogram my limiting beliefs, and learn to love and accept myself. Through this journey I unlocked a new power of using my senses without even knowing it. Since my two decades' career in the beauty industry centered around perfume marketing and development, I was always surrounded with luxury fragrance and I gravitated towards it to help me feel better. I researched the principles of aromatherapy and created my own potions of what made me feel centered, aligned, compassionate and patient with myself and inspired. As a child, I was always fascinated by crystals, so to heal my inner child, I dove really deep into crystal healing and paired each scent with a stone during my rituals. I didn't even realize that I was creating something more, but it was working powerfully for me to call back my power and to heal.

Through this mystical healing journey, I discovered my true purpose in life: to help others heal their own wounds and to empower them to unlock their full potential through the use of their senses, or scentses as I dubbed it.

I founded ASCENTION, the first high-vibrational wellness perfume brand that bridges the gap between luxury perfume and wellness that is rooted in my ritual practices that comprise of clean perfume (that smells amazing, without the headaches) that is rooted in aromatherapy principles and powered by the energies of ethically sourced crystals in rituals that work to elevate your mind and work to empower you from within. 

The Power of Scent and Healing

Neuroscience has proven that our sense of smell is our strongest sense that ties memory and emotion. When you have an experience with a scent, it forms a memory, whether good, bad or indifferent. From my own healing journey, I've learned that you can actually reprogram your subconscious with scent and create new memories that you can recall each time you smell your perfume. This is the power of ASCENTION perfume. Each scent is carefully crafted using the principles of aromatherapy and the energies of ethically sourced crystals to amplify the healing, feel good energy that you evoke from within.

ASCENTION is not just another perfume collection that taps into what's currently  trending, it is a true lifestyle experience that is rooted in individual impact.  We are clean, vegan, safe, cruelty-free, and are designed to not bring on headaches that you would normally experience with luxury scents. Each scent is formulated to not only smell good but also to provide you with the healing energies that you need to unblock your manifestations and achieve your highest potential.

Unlocking the Manifestations

As I healed my wounds and transformed my limiting beliefs, I began to see a shift in my manifestations. I started to attract more abundance, opportunities, and success into my life. I realized that the key to manifesting was not in doing more, but in being more. By becoming a vibrational match for the things I desired, I was able to attract them effortlessly. Using ASCENTION as a sensorial tool to keep me in alignment with these feelings, because remember you have to feel the feelings to heal and then to release what's no longer serving you. There is no benefit to holding on to low-vibrational energy.

So you may ask, how did creating ASCENTION save my life? 

Creating this brand before and through the onset of covid19 when we were all quarenteed in isolation, I had to heal my trust issues and my scarcity mentality. In creating a brand that I invested my entire retirement and savings into, I found my self-belief and conviction, which helped me discover my self-worth. Gone were the days of overcompensating, negative self-talk, and putting myself and my needs last. I had to believe in me, more than anything. The more I believed and trusted that I in fact was the luckiest girl in the world, the more I became her. I used my ritual practices of affirmation, meditation and intention setting with perfume and crystals to create something beyond magical and powerful within me. That is what truly saved me. I learned that noone was coming to save me and that my true "hero" was the heroine within me, the goddess that I unleashed.

If this resonated with you, I invite you to tap into your inner power. To dial up your self-love and self belief and to start to believe in magic again, because you are all the magic that you need. It's time to remove those blocks and ignite your fire.

Tell me what you think in the comments below and if you're ready to begin or elevate your ASCENTION, discover your sensorial journey here.


Much love and magic,
xo, Greta



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