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How to Feel a Crystal’s Energy


If you are drawn to a certain crystal because of its color, shape, etc., you should follow this intuition.

When holding a crystal, feeling heat, cold, vibration, pulse, or positive energy are all signs that you are being called to that particular stone.

A freshly cleansed or charged crystal will have the most potent energy.

Sage, palo santo, sunlight, moonlight, dirt, water are all ways to charge and cleanse a crystal.

Crystals cannot conflict with each other because they all work in perfect harmony as an extension of the natural world. However, sometimes too much energy at once can be too strong and overwhelming in certain situations.

Just by existing, crystals elevate the energy of the space they are in.

Sending & Receiving Hand

Most people find that they have one hand that they are able to sense energy in more strongly

Typically, your non-dominant hand is your “receiving hand,” drawing in universal energy, while your dominant hand, or “sending hand,” moves energy out of your body and back into the universe.

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