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Ascent To Detox With Smoky Quartz Crystal


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What you will reveal: Alignment & Balance

Ascent to Detox is a high vibrational wellness fragrance that brings a sense of liberation. This mysterious yet sophisticated scent is crafted with therapeutic ingredients such as sandalwood, palo santo, cedarwood, and musk. Wear it alone or as a fragrance enhancer to your current collection for a sensual, calming, and uplifting experience that grows bigger as your body warms up.

Designed to help elevate your mindset, Ascent to Detox works to rebalance and re-align your energy to attract healing and positivity. It activates the Crown & Root Chakras, promoting a sense of grounding and spiritual connection.

Charged with an authentic, ethically-sourced Smoky Quartz, this wellness fragrance is known to neutralize toxic, low-vibing energy from the body and mind, such as fear, jealousy, anger, or depression. It brings emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety, while promoting mental clarity and focus.

At Ascention, we unite the principles of aromatherapy with clean, luxurious scents that work to elevate your mood. Personalize your fragrance with the power of your intent and call upon it with every mist. 

Want to learn more about why our founder created Ascention to Detox and the healing properties of Smoky Quartz? Read the blog HERE.

Sizes, shapes and colors may vary due to the natural aspect of the stone.







Experience The Ascent To Detox Unboxing Ritual

Join our founder, Greta Fitz, on an unboxing journey and detox ritual to help elevate your mind with Ascent to Detox. This is your step-by-step guide to assembling your fragrance, cleansing and setting intentions into your fair-trade smoky quartz crystal.

Release and let go of all of the energy that doesn't resonate with you anymore, or that doesn't serve your highest good. What you give your energy to, you give it power, so choose to give your energy to things that nourish and uplift you rather than the opposite. Capture this liberating feeling with your fragrance and remember to reroot and reboot with each mist of your Ascent to Detox fragrance .

Scent With Intent To Elevate Your Mind


Woody Musk, Key Aromatherapy Ingredients:


Helps to reduce tension, increases concentration, and works to calm the mind.


Helps to evoke a positive mindset. While being both grounding and uplifting, it works to promote alertness while reducing anxiety.


Believed to have a sedating effect that helps relieve anxiety, stress and irritated behaviors.

Palo Santo

Used in sacred healing rituals, invokes grounding, clarity, balance, peacefulness, and spiritual uplifting.

Our Full Transparent Ingredient List:

SD Alcohol 40-B (Alcohol Denat.), Fragrance/Parfum*, Aqua/Water/Eau, t-Butyl Alcohol, Farnesol.
*ASCENTION’S non-toxic blend of natural and nature identical ingredients, consisting of: Tetramethyl Acetyloctahydronaphthalenes, Dipropylene Glycol, Hexamethylindanopyran

Batched in organic sugar cane alcohol.

How to wear and use

Step 1: Cleanse your crystal with your smudge and set your intention. What does receiving your intention feel like to you? Remember this feeling.

Step 2: Place the crystal into the base and lock it into the bottle. Cleanse the bottle with your smudge.

Step 3: Take your enclosed mantra card and recite the mantra and affirmation.

Step 4: Hold onto the feeling of your intention. Feel it emanating from you. Spray your fragrance on your skin and inhale it.


Where are the fragrances made?
The fragrances are made in the USA
Are they ethically made?
Yes, they are ethically made. Our formulas are clean, vegan, cruelty-free, leaping bunny certified. We do not use endangered species, and no child labor.
Are ASCENTION Fragrances non toxic?
Yes, ASCENTION fragrances are safe, and not toxic. They are free from endocrine disruptors (i.e. Phthalates, Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) and Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) Parabens etc.), vegan, cruelty-free and clean.
What does nature identical mean?
A nature idential ingredient is a safe-synthetic that is manufactured in a laboratory using green chemistry. A safe-synthetic can be naturally derived, where the starting material is a natural ingredient, or petrochemically derived. A naturally occurring ingredient can also be synthesized in the lab.
Are synthetics bad?
No, the safety of all fragrance synthetics has been evaluated by the RIFM Expert Panel for Fragrance Safety. The FCA (previously known as IFRA) uses this information to set safe use levels for each ingredient. They are safe to use on skin at said levels. Synthetics are manufactured from many starting materials, including petrochemicals and natural ingredients. There are many advantages of using synthetics, including reducing the burden on limited natural resources and lowering the impact on the environment.
Are the fragrances hypoallergenic?
"This term means “less allergenic”. If a fragrance contains natural essential oils, allergens will be present. A “hypoallergenic” fragrance is almost completely made of synthetic ingredients. It is the FDA’s position that there is no such thing as a ""non-allergenic"" cosmetic - that is, a cosmetic that can be guaranteed never to produce an allergic reaction. "

Try all five scents

5 x 2ml / 0.07 fl oz
mini eau de parfum spray vials


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Our components are all up-cyclable!

This ritual bottle is concisouly made to stay with you on your journey.

Goddess offering vase

Add your favorite
flowers or herbs

Palo Santo Holder

Flip your cap over and
place it in the tray to
catch the ashes

Jewelry Holder

Hold your favorite
crystals, metals or

Candle Holder

Flip over the cap, place in
the tray and hold your
favorite skinny ritual candle

Consciously crafted

We believe that we are all connected. What we put out to the universe comes back to us. We take great care in our product and packaging formations. We work with the finest ingredients, using green chemistry, that doesn’t strip the earth of its natural resources or fills up our landfills and oceans.

Our products are made with recyclable materials. Our bottles are refillable and recyclable. Our crystals are fair-trade.

Cap can be used with removable base as a holder when burning thin candles, or Palo Santo

Refillable bottle made with recycable glass, can be upcycled as a vase

Authentic fair-trade crystal, removable to personalize with your energy. Clean, charge by sunlight, moonlight, earth and sound

ASCENTION is the premier wellness fragrance that's rooted in mindfulness and self-care.

Your self-care starts here. ASCENTION pushes the boundaries of what fragrance is. Instead of just smelling good, it's about feeling good, making it a true self-care experience.

Research shows that scent is our strongest sense that ties to memory and emotion.

Each ASCENTION fragrance is designed with the key ingredients that evoke self-love, peace, detox, courage and prosperity and infused with an authentic crystal that corresponds to each scent to empower your intentions with every mist.

Ascent to Detox With Smoky Quartz Crystal, Scent therapy, Wellness Fragrance

Ascent To Detox With Smoky Quartz Crystal


Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Tara Serfass

I am so obsessed with detox and love ❤️ they smell amazing 😻

Great For Healing

I've been through a lot of trauma from a past relationship. Healing has been long and rough since the connection isn't fully severed yet and being reminded of him stunted my progress. Doing daily intention setting and using the Detox fragrance has helped me greatly. I love the smell and it reminds me to let go of negativity. It has an earthy tone to it which also reminds me to ground myself.

Tara Harwood
Can barley smell it

Love the concept of these sprays and love all the manifesting tips. However, if I’m going to spend the money, I want it to smell stronger than it does. It also doesn’t last at all but maybe because I can’t smell it in the first place. The small amount of fragrance in Detox, I get, I like. My bath and body body sprays are stronger and last longer than this. Gave it 3 stars because some people may want the lightest of light scents and I’m not docking it for my preference. I however, will not be buying anymore.

Fades away to fast

The smell is great . Unfortunately it is not strong enough and fades away .

Hope Nalpantidis
As powerful as its creator

My first purchase from the line was detox and it smelled so incredible and had such power & magic I made it part of my morning ritual. After speaking with the founder we agreed the next fragrance for me was prosperity- and before I could add it to my morning routine, my boyfriend fell in love with it and asked to add it to his. These fragrances are as powerful & intentional as the woman who created them.