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Studies have shown that our sense of smell is our strongest sense that ties to memory and emotion. When you have an experience with a scent, you create an impression or a memory. Each time you smell the scent, you have a visceral reaction to it, whether it’s good or bad, it’s based on your initial experience with the scent.

We challenged the traditional fragrance experience and asked, what if you smelled something for the first time and created your own experience with your intentions? If scent is our strongest sense to remind us of an experience, why not create one that ties into our wellness journey?

Ascention fragrance ritual

Wellness isn’t just about drinking green juice, eating clean and working out. Wellness comes from our mindset, and if our mindset is toxic, filled with stress, anxiety and low-vibing energy, it defeats the purpose.

A balanced mindset is critical to live a healthy and abundant life. The energy that you emit, is what you attract in your internal and external experiences. Think about how you feel when you’re stressed and anxious, how the world feels like it’s falling apart and just-like-that, you’re getting sick, your skin is breaking out, your weight is fluctuating, your hair may be falling out and you may be experiencing digestive issues. Stress causes our bodies to be inflamed, which results in being susceptible to disease / “dis-ease.“

Our founder Greta’s, wellness journey was much like this, until she prioritized the health of her mindset. Peripherally, she looked healthy. She worked out, ate clean, but her mindset was filled with stress and anxiety, consequently a few years ago, the doctors found a pre-cancerous polyp in her colon, that was treated only because Greta felt that something was off about her body.

Once she was mentally in alignment with her desires, she started to experience much joy, gratitude and excitement, the stress melted away. She learned that stress is unavoidable and a super powerful, addictive energy. When you have tools to navigate through stress to keep you in alignment such as: treating food and movement as medicine, creating consistent meditation habits to keep you in alignment, and working with scent to elevate your mind help to keep it all consistent.

Greta Fitz Founder CEO ASCENTION Beauty Co

With a career in the prestige fragrance industry that spanned over twenty years, creating some of the industry’s iconic brands, Greta was no stranger to how scent elevates a mood. Instead of focusing on the sexy, fashion, or artisanal side of fragrance, she focused on creating a wellness side. Creating one of the industry’s first clean and sustainable fragrance collections, Greta knew that clean, vegan, cruelty-free, safe fragrance ingredients, are the standard and are in alignment with her values.

However, working with just natural ingredients had a downside. First, anything “natural” would naturally have allergens and anything that’s natural doesn’t necessarily mean that it is safe. 

Also, the biggest concern was the cultivation of natural ingredients, as it can essentially be a large carbon footprint. For example, have you ever tried juicing? Do you know how much kale you will need for one drink? It’s a lot. Think about what that means for using sandalwood. How many trees have to be cut down to make just one bottle of fragrance? That just doesn’t sit right to just smell good.

Also, since much of high-end perfumery uses musks, which smell amazing, but traditionally they are animal derived. That doesn’t resonate with our vegan values. One other really big and important point, using natural ingredients alone, just doesn’t smell good sometimes. If you’re creating a fragrance that will evoke feel-good emotions, it absolutely needs to smell good.

This is why working with safe-synthetic ingredients or nature-identical is important. What this means is that these ingredients can be derived from natural sources or created from scratch in a lab. This not only helps preserve our planet’s natural resources and lowering our carbon footprint by using green chemistry, it also helps the perfumer create accords that will smell good and not be volatile. A balanced approach is what we took in our fragrance development, using natural and natural-identical ingredients for the best olfactive results, or simply put, we created fragrances that are clean, safe, vegan, cruelty-free that smell damn good.

So putting this all together, Greta set out to create a wellness fragrance line that would work to elevate your mood, using the key principles of aromatherapy that would evoke the emotions of self-love, inner peace, courage, prosperity, and detox. Partnering with some of the world’s finest perfumers, in a two-year-long process, we did just that. We’ve elevated the standard of clean and created a wellness fragrance collection that smells good and evokes feel good emotions.

Ascention the premier wellness fragrance

On top of that, each fragrance is paired with its own fair-trade crystal, which is ethically sourced, to amplify your intentions and emotions to lock this all in with scent. So now, instead of having a nostalgic feeling with scent, you’re creating your own memory and impression with each ritual. You now have a tool for when life throws obstacles, speed bumps, rejection and overall stress your way, you have a fragrance to work with to help elevate your mind. Or if you’re vibing-high, keep the momentum strong and reapply your fragrance.

Ascention fragrance ritual

Each fragrance comes with its own respective mantra card, affirmations and breathing exercise to help you re-root and regroup to remember your power. Ascention is made with love to remind you that you can do anything that you put your mind and intent behind.

We believe that everything happens for a reason and Greta believes that this experience happened FOR her to inspire awareness of how important a balanced lifestyle and a healthy mindset is to live a healthy and abundant life. From the ashes she created ASCENTION, which continues to help her thrive and to navigate through the ebb and flow of life. She is sharing this gift through fragrance ritual with you, so that you can scent with intent to elevate your mind and manifest your desires.