MORNING MAGIC: A 5 Minute Spell To Transform Your Life

Morning Magic: A Five Minute Spell To Transform Your Life.

Fun fact: Did you know when you wake up each morning, your mind starts as a blank canvas after a restful night’s sleep? This is the most powerful time of day to set your intentions and use positive affirmations to begin your day with balance.


If you’re like me, perhaps the first thing you do when you get up is turn off your phone alarm and then check your notifications. That’s the normal thing to do right? Sure, if you want anxiety. I never realized this until I caught myself in the act.

A typical morning for me would start with my alarm going off, I hit snooze of course, then I hit snooze again. When I was finally ready to get up, the first thing I checked were my notifications, which then led me to Instagram, then to my emails, then to my calendar, then to the weather (all while I was walking to the bathroom to turn the water on for the shower). 

I would then run through my to-do list, planning out the day in my mind and getting anxiety along the way. But my morning coffee will make my stress headache go away, so I go into the kitchen to make my coffee and then my day begins, with stress, caffeine and low vibes.

Did I even tell myself how much I loved myself, how capable that I am, how smart I am, and that all is well, before getting sucked into all of the anxiety emanating from my phone? Nope.  And then, here I am, wondering why my back and head hurts, and why I felt so constantly overwhelmed.

I’ve been there, and yes, sometimes I fall back into it, but the power I have within me now catches it right when it’s happening and I pivot.

I want to help you to do the same, and be here as your coach. I want to help you unleash your best-self and to lead a healthier, happier life, working through fears, limiting belief patterns, and letting your inner light shine.

Let’s be real, we all say mantras in the morning, but we may not realize it. Things like: Ugh, how am I going to get it all done? Oh, I can’t anymore. Is it Friday yet? I can’t fail. I’m too afraid to follow my dreams because I don’t want to fail. I have people relying on me. It is what it is. Or something along these lines.

But is it really?

No my love, it’s not. Those are limiting beliefs that we put on ourselves from society, our family, and perhaps our upbringing. We think, "but that’s how I’m wired, I don’t know any other way!" Yes, I get it, and I’ve fed the same type of B.S. to myself. And you know where it all got me? It made me sick. Literally. I inflamed my body with so much stress that I started losing my hair and couldn’t sleep. And then I started bleeding in places I shouldn’t.

I’m beyond grateful that I listened to my body and had my doctor remove a pre-cancerous polyp that would have led to colon cancer. My doctor told me: “remove the stress from your life ASAP. Whatever is stressing your mind out, you must change it.”

So I did. I went deep into my spirituality with energy work. I read all of the books, and I tried all of the methods. I picked out the methods that worked for me and with consistency it began to work.

But what worked the most for me was the power of aromatherapy and creating rituals with positive affirmations, mantras and of course crystals. I noticed that when I took 5 minutes each morning to put the phone down, turn off the alarm, and take a deep breath to be grateful just for waking up, things began to change.


Turns out our MIND POWERS OUR BODY more than we know. It all starts with our MIND.

Science has proven that scent is our strongest sense that ties memory and emotion. When we have an experience with a scent it makes an impression. We can smell something and it can throw us back to our childhood in an instant. What if you could create a feel-good emotion with a scent that's designed to evoke a specific emotion and feel-good every time you smell it? Well my loves, that is what I've created with ASCENTION. It's scent with intent to elevate your mind.


I used aromatherapy and crystals to help elevate my mind during my most difficult time, which lead to my healing and now has evolved to thriving. It also helped me manifest my desires, which in essence, is my life long dream of owning my business!

You can do whatever you put your mind and intent to. Let's silence our fears and fuel our self-love and self-belief. Grab your ASCENTION fragrance and let's do this together!

Here is a quick guide to get started on creating your own magic by unleashing your own superpower and changing your life — in just 5 minutes each morning.

Ascention ritual bottle, clean, vegan, cruelty free

You may be saying, girl- I don't have time for this! I have to get to work, I have kids, traffic blah blah blah.. My love, remember that you are worth it in every way, wake up five minutes earlier and you will see the magic happen immediately. What you may experience:

  • Relief from stress and fear.
  • Happiness and joy.
  • Self-Belief. 
  • Inspiration, Motivation, Conviction in your abilities.
  • Falling into radical self love, setting healthy boundaries, making time for yourself to refuel and reroot. 
  • Motivation to manifest your desires.

Select your ASCENTION fragrance that resonates with you either by the intention, crystal or fragrance profile.

1. Wake up and take three deep inhales and exhales. Stretch, sit up, and say, “Thank you, Universe.” 

Find a sacred space:

Whether it’s in your bed, your bathroom, your shower, or in front of your mirror. Your sacred space is where you won’t be interrupted for 5 minutes and you can feel comfortable and at peace. If you have kids, wake up before they do! Trust me, this works. Smudge your space with a sustainable Palo Santo to cleanse your energy in and around you.  

2. Write down your intentions as if you have them already:

REMEMBER, SPELLING IS A SPELL! In a book, or on a sticky note. I post my notes on my mirror so that they are the first thing I see when I come into the bathroom and it forces me to read them. If you write them in a book, keep it on your nightstand so that you can add to them. Write down something of this nature and this will be your mantra (to get started):

I am love, I am loved.

I am so grateful for waking up this morning. I’m grateful for my health, this beautiful day, for my friends, and for my family. I am a beacon of love from within. I know that I am capable of anything and everything that I need, I will receive.

Thank you.

 Stayin' Aligned Parfum Kit, Ascention

3. Take your ASCENTION fragrance. I love our Stayin' Alinged Parfum Kit because you have them all at your fingertips and it comes with a super cute vegan pebbled leather pouch . Choose whichever intention resonates with you at that moment: Ascent to Love, Ascent to Peace, Ascent to Prosperity, Ascent to Courage, Ascent to Detox. These fragrances are crafted with the key aromatherapy ingredients that evoke these emotions. Amplified with your intent, this is where you unleash your power! 

Spray your fragrance.

Inhale its aroma and remember this feeling. You know what you just did? You just made a memory and impression!  (If you need more info on this, read my blog on Making Scents of Memory).

4. If you have time, meditate or work out to hold onto this moment. It’s okay if you don’t have time, because the scent and impression are already there.

As you go about your day, life may throw obstacles your way. Spray your fragrance (another reason I love the small vials in the flight — they are perfect for taking along with you!) and your mind will go back to that memory you made that morning. Or reapply to keep your feel-good feeling going. The more you do it, the more powerful you become in your ability to navigate, pivot and re-root towards your destiny.

I got you, I believe in you and I’m sending you so much love.


Greta Fitz
ASCENTION Beauty Co., Inc