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Based on 242 reviews
I am loved and aventurine necklace

I previously purchased the sample perfumes and I loved them all. My favorite is the I am loved with rose crystal. The aventurine necklace attracted me and it looks amazing and of really good quality. If you love natural perfumes free of all the chemicals but still with a smell that makes you feel special than definitely you will love all their products!

Scent With Intent Doses
Brielle Slattery
Amazing, elevated scent!

Wow! I was totally blown away by this scent, its very elegant and elevated-exactly what I envision for my life as I'm calling in abundance and prosperity. Throughout the day as I catch a whiff of the scent Im reminded of my intention, therefore further reinforcing. I love the idea of perfume to call in manifestations

Joanna Williams
In love!

This necklace is super cute! It reminds me that my light is always shining, even when it's hidden. Great quality. It's the perfect length too. I'm very happy I purchased it, it's quickly becoming a favorite!

Ascent to Love

I love the fragrance of ascent to love! It’s sweet smell makes you feel confident.

Natural Crystal Goddess Pendant Necklace

My fave necklace!!

The sun pendant was the one I needed! I wear it to constantly remind myself that feeling good and carrying that energy with me will not only help me but benefit everyone around me. I always want to shine my light and help to uplift others around me. This necklace is so pretty, and I love the quality! It always looks perfect, I wear it around the clock, during my workouts, showers, etc, and it holds up beautifully!

Love !!!

These rings are absolutely amazing I get so many people asking where I got this ring from I have never seen anything like it and when I saw I had to have it and such great quality as well !!


I’m obsessed with this ring. Compliments everywhere I go. It’s sturdy and incredible quality.

Fades away to fast

The smell is great . Unfortunately it is not strong enough and fades away .

Already ordering more!

Prosperity smells exactly what you’d think abundance smells like. Earthy, luxurious, velvety!

As powerful as its creator

My first purchase from the line was detox and it smelled so incredible and had such power & magic I made it part of my morning ritual. After speaking with the founder we agreed the next fragrance for me was prosperity- and before I could add it to my morning routine, my boyfriend fell in love with it and asked to add it to his. These fragrances are as powerful & intentional as the woman who created them.

Truly Magical

My morning ritual and let me tell you, not only is this fragrance intoxicating, its more than a scent…you can truly feel it.
Absolutley love it.


Fragrance is wonderful. The stone and intentions make using it an experience each time.

My new favorite scent

This fragrance is beyond good. Soothing, sensual, earthy, woody yum! Don’t sleep on this!

I bought them all!

Love layering these like the picture. I get compliments all the time.

Quality and style

My Rose Quartz necklace is simply stunning. Goes with everything. It’s minimal yet powerful. A great reminder to love myself first. Thank you.

Unique gift idea!

Ordered these for myself and my bridesmaids!

Love my necklace!!!

333 love it so much!

Love it

Smells great. I have Love, courage,and detox. Love them all. I like mixing the fragrances , and it helps me focus my energy in the right place. Hope they have a sale soon so I can get the rest of the collection. I know you will love them too.

Silver 111 is a MUST-HAVE!

This number plate is so aesthetically pleasing. So shiny, delicate, pretty, I love it so much! And the constant reminder that what you're thinking you will manifest, is a reminder we all need....our minds so easily go negative, so this is perfect for anyone! Ooh, really great gift idea...

The best gift ever!

I received this as a gift and it's the most thoughtful gift with intent. Super amazing quality! Going to gift this to my girls this holiday for sure. <3

Simple & Stunning!

This piece is STUNNING! Looks so pretty alone but also looks perfect with my 444 necklace. What I really appreciate about this pendant is that it doesn’t twist and turn, it lays flat on me so it always looks perfect. I wear this as a constant reminder of my worthiness of abundance.

Gorgeous Daily Reminder!

I had to grab 444 since I was seeing it constantly…this gorgeous gold necklace is a beautiful reminder that I am on the right path! It’s perfect for me during this transitional time in my life. I love pairing it with the Green Aventurine Goddess Pendant…a powerful combo and looks beautiful together! Thank you for creating this collection…it’s what I’ve been waiting for!

Prosperity 24/7

Submerging myself in prosperity, manifesting!!
Quality necklace, almost a month of wear 24/7 in the beach, pool, shower and sleep with all the lotions and potions and no signs of wear!!! I never take it off! So many compliments on it and it layers perfectly with so many pieces.

Love this necklace!

I absolutely love my Green aventurine necklace. The color is gorgeous. I get so many complements. I can't wait to order the other two colors!