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Based on 270 reviews
What an amazing collection!

I bought this sample pack last year and have treasured every scent. I think the key here is to really focus on your mood and what you are looking to get from them. Instead of simply going with the favorite scent maybe grab the one that fits your need for that day. I personally went through some really challenging months where I needed a tremendous amount of peace, courage, and love. Call it coincidence or manifestation, but not long after using a particular and focusing on my needs I was able to get what I wanted. Courage to speak up, love when k was feeling lonely, or peace when the stress was too much to handle. Some days when I’m just completely lost and don’t know what I need I just mix them in a bag and use the first one that comes out. I focus on why I would need that particular scent and meditate on it. It’s truly amazing. I personally love all the scents but it’s completely natural to like some over the others! Enjoy the journey and the experience. Highly recommend picking up a sampler pack!

It really does give me courage!

It smells soooo good!!!! I am not usually a perfume girl, I usually sneeze after I put on perfume! BUT this one does NOT make me sneeze!

I feel more confident and ready to tackle the day after I put it on. It's a game changer for when I feel down, boosting my day. 100000% recommend!

So different, so perfect!

This ring gets attention every single time I wear it! I love it as it symbolizes healing, transformation and new beginnings…what I’m working towards right now.

The images don’t do it Justice

So much prettier IRL

Detox & Courage

The ritual. The scents, when blended omg. I love applying my perfume with the crystal and locking my intention in the bottle. Love making moon perfume on a full moon too. This brand was created for me! Thank you!

The best perfume for positive energy

Detox and peace are so amazing individually, but blended together OMG 💕

Gorgeous Piece

I was hesitant at first because I don't like big jewelry, and it looked big in the image, but I was so surprised that it wasn't! It's about the size of a penny, love it so much! I get so many compliments and I feel so protected.

Great For Healing

I've been through a lot of trauma from a past relationship. Healing has been long and rough since the connection isn't fully severed yet and being reminded of him stunted my progress. Doing daily intention setting and using the Detox fragrance has helped me greatly. I love the smell and it reminds me to let go of negativity. It has an earthy tone to it which also reminds me to ground myself.

Liked some more than others.

Some of the scents lasted longer than others. All smelled good! I couldn’t read the name of scent on small bottle because print was in white. Most of the time I didn’t know which one I was putting on.

My daily ritual

The perfume and the ritual are so empowering, I wear it every day to remember who I am.

Don't sleep on this fragrance!

Juicy and delicious, with a hint of smoky cedarwood.

Seduction and Love in a bottle

I am obsessed with this perfume I bought the love one with rose quartz and the smell is out of this world . Such a special scent.

Rose Quartz

This is the ultimate in serenity and self love. Beautifully presented as well.

Great purchase

Love all the scents


It smells so heavenly & lasts & doesn’t bother allergies my new favorite it’s so calming too 🥰

Best perfume in the market

I love all the beautiful scents from Ascention. It’s so feminine and the smell literally last. This is my go to spot for clean perfumes.

Love this kit

Being able to try all the scents has been so fun! I love them all so it’s going to be really hard to choose.

A true love potion

Constant compliments, what are you wearing, you smell good... A woman stopped me on the escalator to ask me what I was wearing. Buying my 5th bottle!

Ascent To Peace Sample

Love the scent..I am trying 2 others before I make my decision on which I will purchase. So nice that you have the opportunity to sample the scents first before buying the large bottle. Also, I want to give a shout out to the customer service. This company is great, & so helpful.

Can barley smell it

Love the concept of these sprays and love all the manifesting tips. However, if I’m going to spend the money, I want it to smell stronger than it does. It also doesn’t last at all but maybe because I can’t smell it in the first place. The small amount of fragrance in Detox, I get, I like. My bath and body body sprays are stronger and last longer than this. Gave it 3 stars because some people may want the lightest of light scents and I’m not docking it for my preference. I however, will not be buying anymore.

Exciting perfume choices

I am one with many moods…this perfume set is perfect for each mood w/ intention. I’m drawn to one specifically, so I do see myself ordering the bigger bottle!

So unique…a convo starter!

First time I wore this I had several people ask me where I got it! I love this as a reminder to lead with your intuition and to know that abundance is possible. I love the meaning of this pendant so much, and I really enjoy doing rituals with the fragrances and pendants and wearing what I need each day.

Love this fragrance

My new favorite fragrance. Everyone who smells this scent loves it on me.

I Am Serene Sensorial Bundle
Karen Seiz
Everyone Needs Peace!

2023 is about Peace for me so that’s why I grabbed this bundle! As usual, a non-irritating and beautiful scent, def using in my rituals when I need extra stress and anxiety relief. The amethyst pendant is soooo pretty, I love it and wear it all the time! Always need reminders to breathe and remain peaceful.

Greta is truly gifted!

Greta is a gifted manifestation coach! I always leave our sessions feeling hopeful, motivated, confident, and worthy of receiving. She is very good at listening and understanding where you’re at and what you need. Love love this 1:1 custom service, definitely worth it!!!