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Based on 114 reviews
Love love LOVE these fragrances!

This flight was worth every penny. I have been trying for years to create my own fragrance without all the toxic chemical garbage of most perfumes, with some success, but it never has staying power. Not only do these scents last all day, but they morph beautifully from that initial top note to the rich earthy base note that makes people constantly ask “what ARE you wearing??” Four of the five scents worked so well for me, I have no idea how I’ll make a decision to purchase... probably close my eyes and pick one! I found that they all go on a little sweeter than I prefer, but if like me, that’s not your thing, don’t let that turn you off. They settle down almost immediately on the skin into scents that are sophisticated and complex. Can’t recommend highly enough!


I got the ascention flight this time to see which smell I like the most. I love them all. They are great alone or mix and match. I can't get enough.


I am loving all the earthy & vibrant scents. Totally suits me.

Magickal 🖤

I bought Ascent to Peace a couple months back and I thought no other scent could top that one. I was dead wrong. Ascent to Detox is such a beautiful scent... Very clean and crisp smelling. Honestly all of these scents are amazing so it's hard to choose! I think I'll get Ascent to Love next ♥️

Love ascent to detox

I just love this scent. It smells so good and fresh and I’m using it as an extra boost to motivate me to make healthier choices and nurture myself

Love it!

So much love went into creating this product, we all need #SelfCare and this is a truly magical #SelfCare practice.

Love it!!

I love this scent. It feels uplifting and grounding at the same time. My husband keeps commenting about how great I smell and how he loves the scent. Win/Win

I'm in love with them all!

So I got this to help make my decision on which one I'd be buying next a little easier... All it did was make it harder! They all have such a clean scent, I get compliments all the time. Also, the detox I feel can be used unisex bc it doesn't have a sweet smell, it's amazingly bold yet soft if that makes sense?


I bought this set because I couldn't decide. I'm so glad I did! I've fallen in love with Peace and Prosperity. I highly recommend this set to test out the scents, they all smell so good!

The Perfect Add-on for my Rituals

The fact that this Palo Santo is collected with love and care from the Earth in a sustainable and ethical way is so important. Many companies that sell Palo Santo wood don't pick Palo Santo when it's fallen or branches are found on the ground instead they cut it down or damage living trees. Those same companies sometimes don't know where it's even coming from or how it's being acquired. Shamans teach that Palo Santo trees should be treated with deep respect and gratitude, as it is apart of nature and has been used in many cultures and Indigenous Tribes around the world for their own spiritual practices; so we must respect that. Thankyou Ascension for respecting Palo Santo, I'll be adding this to my Ascent To Detox Ritual!

What a lovely discovery!

I've rotated through the scents a few times now and I, think I have finally found my favorite--they are all delicate and easy to wear any time--Peace (citrus and lavender) is now my favorite followed closely by Courage. I've started to pair them (one on one wrist and another on my other wrist). It's so great to smell both throughout the day!

Love it

Sustainably harvested Palo Santo? Yes please. Thank you!

Amazing quality

I love working with Palo Santo in my rituals and to cleanse my home, especially after a very stressful day. I'm so happy that I found it here to complete my fragrance ritual in one stop.

What a fragrance!!! ♥️

I’ve heard about this brand in the past and I truly wanted to give it a try but boy let me tell you, this fragrance is EVERYTHING!! I had so many compliments about it, it smells wonderful and the packaging is absolutely stunning.

I LOVE Love!

This fragrance is delicious! Addicted is an understatement!

A clean fragrance? Yes please. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I am not typically a fragrance person and have struggled with being sensitive to most fragrances. I was so intrigued with Ascention I decided to try again. I chose Peace as I have literally designed my entire life around finding my peace and calm when I am not working or traveling. Because I have my own collection of crystals, love amethyst and the Ascention bottle is a work of art itself, I figured I would keep it no matter what. The idea of a Leaping Bunny Certified clean fragrance free of all toxins is so compelling so I also ordered the sampler to try all of the scents.

Fast forward to me sheepishly trying every scent, worried I would have an adverse reaction. I am shocked by the absence of anything irritating me at all!

I LOVE these fragrances. I can finally wear a scent and for that I am so grateful. The ritual of setting my intention takes it to a whole other level. What a gift to myself!

My next purchase will be Courage. 💥

Love is warming mature and a ride into ones own fantasy

Spraying Love is like wrapping yourself in a blanket of flowers! It feels like your strolling around in a garden full of pure love on a sunny day in Paris. If you haven’t been to Paris, this fragrance gives you a little taste of that warming Paris feeling. That feeling is soothing, sexy, and of course everlasting.

Love love love !!!!!

This is the best thing I’ve ever had. Amazing fragrance

Gift to Self

Loving all the scents and having a hard time choosing a favorite. I guess if I had to choose, my pick would be Love. The vanilla and musk probably most define me. Second would be Detox.

Detox is mysteriously intoxicating, you will not regret smelling it. Trust me.

One spray of Detox will bring you something indescribable that anyone who walks by you will have the seductive, dreamy, warming scent resonate within them as if it’s part of them. I wish this was sprayed on the walls of every wall and corner in my house, it’s addicting for me. Whoever reads this should stop reading and go buy this grounding Detox fragrance. Thankyou Ascention Beauty, great company!

Perfect Gift

Bought this for a friend's birthday and she fell in love! Now she wears Ascend to Love everyday and it smells so pretty on her

Juicy and Refreshing

I love this perfume! It is so juicy and refreshing but at the same time there's something smoky and sexy about it. I feel like I get compliments on it every time I go out!


I bought the Ascend to Detox based on the description online and I was so happy with my purchase! This is the perfect everyday fragrance- it's not overpowering but it has this alluring musky trail to it. And the bottles with the lil gems?! Too cute.

My Forever Fragrance

Ascent to Courage has a little bit of everything wonderful included in the stunning bottle. There are fruits and flowers, smokey woods and bright citrus...there is something for everyone. I love the brightness of the fig and smells like they have been grilled and served on a bed of flowers. I can put this fragrance on first thing in the morning and still smell it when I go to bed. I love that I don't smell like anyone else when I wear is so unique. It is a power feel bad ass when you leave the house covered in Courage!!!

You need this!

This fragrance is exactly what it says it does! Uplifting while calming, I love the sparkling citrus at first, then come the lavender/aromatherapy notes, rounded with the woody notes in the back. Could literally wear this all day long and all year long!