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Based on 179 reviews

The sample pack is great and has a cute leather pouch

Ascent To Prosperity With Green Aventurine Crystal

works well

longest lasting perfume ive ever had in my life the smell is good i guess if u like that kind of scent but i dont think ut fair of me to review it based on my personal preferences cause its a good perfume no matter what

Taralyn Henderson
One of the greats

I like to consider myself a perfume connoisseur and with allergies and migraines I’m very picky, however, Ascention Beauty Co. has that covered and there scents are chefs kiss! They smell so high quality and the scent lasts all day which is a common complaint amongst my former favorites. On top of them being amazing scents that brighten my day when I spray them they have purpose and meaning and I can incorporate them into my daily spiritual routines so that I can associate specific feelings that each scent evokes. Hands down my new favorite perfume line!

Smells so good and feels good!

This is a wonderful product! Feels good and the smell last long and feels good every time I have it on and smell. Recommend this love is my favorite.

Love the clean smell!

I love the scent of detox. It's very subtle and clean. It's great for an everyday use.

I absolutely love Ascent to Peace Fragrance!

The smell is so clean and not strong. I spray this usually in the morning to start the day fresh with good intentions.

Best Fragrance Ever

I finally found the fragrance I really "Love" it is so beautiful and special and make me feel wonderful !! Ascent to Love and Ascent to Detox are my fav's Thank you Greta.

Best Fragrance Ever

ASCENTION is the very best fragrance I have every used I love it and all the scents are WONDERFUL !!!!!!!

Absolutely love all the scents

Zen...pure Zen..

I've experience three of your beautiful Ascention fragrances thus far...absolutely heavenly...grounds me...THANK YOU for the love you infuse into these scents...and my stones are a beautiful addition...Many Blessings...🙏❤

I’m in love

I love all of them . I can’t make up my mind . They make me feel like a Goddess. I can’t wait to place my next order 💖 Thank You Greta . I’m so greatful for you , your line of fragrance, your videos and advice. Thank you


So great!

This is perfect to keep in my purse! Thanks to this sample set, I have purchased the remaining 2 scents from the collection and now have all 5. They’re the only “perfume” I wear, and they’re so much more!!! 😍

Absolutely amazing!

I had the pull to stop using my perfume and to find a more natural option and I was guided to these. I’m so grateful that I was because they smell fantastic and are a great tool for me!

Thank you so much for taking the time to create such a beautiful product!


Definitely in my top 2 favorite scents from this line. I love that it’s so unique and unlike anything I’ve tried before. It’s the perfect combo of sweet and soft and super supportive for manifestation and/or working toward a goal!


I am sooo impressed with all these scents they all smell amazing :) if I had to pick just one I would have a tough time lol but I think detox. I cannot wait to set intentions and use these as a helper. Greta is amazing and has helped me so much with learning all about these. I recommend to everyone and I will definitely be buying the big bottles! I wish I could give more then 5 stars :) thank you

Like meditation in a bottle

A smokey, ritual-like sensory experience. Spray, inhale and you've just mediated in a *magical forest* for 10mins ✨🌲

I've been searching for a clean version of Byredo Gypsy Water and this is it. Actually love it MORE. Lasts all day, the scent is more dynamic and it's half the price. I'm hooked.

Favorite Scent and Customer Service is ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I wore the same perfume for years ( Lucky Brand) and I loved the musky earthy smell, but after my 3 kids were born the chemicals were too much for me. I didn't wear anything for years, and in my search for a fragrance that I would love again but would be sensitive for me, I tried the sample kit from here and instantly fell in love with Ascent to Detox. My husband loves it, which is a big deciding factor. It's so well balanced, it lasts through the afternoon and if I desire to, I spray again after work for a refresh.

I had a problem with one of my bottles recently and I reached out to customer service and they immediately apologized and sent a replacement. That level of customer service is rare these days, and as a customer service coordinator I set that bar pretty high. I'll be a loyal customer for sure!


I absolutely love it!!!

Wow. PERFECT name for a powerful scent…

I purchased Courage after completing the 11/11/21 meditation live with Greta and so many others. This. Smell. Absolutely perfect for invoking Courage in my journey with the soft citrine and smokey combined. I was floored at how perfect it was. My new favorite scent and all the better for how it’s ethically sourced! On a spiritual note: I have used Courage with great intent every single day I have left my house, reciting my intention that I wrote on the paper it came with. Wish I could write the whole story here, but I am living in the manifestation(s) my heart and spirit knew from that 11/11 day in meditation. So cool that after that meditation I looked at Greta’s likes on TikTok at 111.1k and of course took a screenshot! Shout out to Greta for saying yes to this part of her journey! Nothing like a scent with an intention attached on purpose and this girl bottled it! May it be worldwide! May you reap the benefits that come from helping others along their journey! Cheering you on beautiful human! We. Are. Freaking. Winning!!!! All my LOVE to you. Xoxo


I absolutely love this collection, I started with the samples and now I'm on my 3rd bottle .
I own rose quartz, Citrine and now smokey quartz! Again I love this collection and can't wait to own the last 2.

High Vibes ✨

They all smell amazing, I love the packaging and the ritual cards that come with it! So much more than a fragrance, tons of thought out into it! I love giving them as a gift too! 💖

Ascent to Amazing

I love this perfume! I’ve been trying forever to find a clean product that actually holds its scent longer than 2 minutes. The first time I wore it one of my coworkers told me I smell nice and must be wearing something new. It helps me feel like an abundance attracting goddess and I can’t wait to try the others.

Treat yourself with peace!

One of my best investments in myself. I love the amethyst stone, it is so beautiful. The scent is so amazing. You will not be disappointed.