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Based on 146 reviews
Perfect for On-The-Go!

I keep these in my purse and spritz myself whenever I need a pick me up. The fragrances last all day long - even when I'm running around the city from meeting to meeting. I'll be purchasing refills once I run out AND a large Detox to keep at home! Highly recommend!

Scent With Intent Doses
Brittany Crawford
They don't last

I really like how they smell but they don't last long at all. And I don't see myself paying 100 for a bottle if with in an hour I put it on u can't smell it anymore. I'll use it all so fast.

Scent With Intent Doses
Jeanean Mitchell
Love this

Sometimes on the cleaner scents the fragrance doesn't seem to last long. Not only does Peace smell amazing it lasts all day. Love all the intentions and crystals. Love love love Peace!

Pure magic!

I love my detox perfume. It arrived exactly when I needed it the most and the affirmation card and crystal provided a full wellness experience! This is going to be my go-to gift for birthdays and new homes.

Love it.

Never underestimate the power of scent to affirm and keep the heart open.
It’s like magic. Love it.

Ascent To Peace smells Amazing!

It reminds of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, but more natural and the fragrance last as long as regular perfumes. I love it!

Simply Amazing

I purchased the Ascent to Rose fragrance because I needed something to lift my mood when I'm feeling down and to just focus on my own personal self love journey. This scent is simply amazing, it takes me to a happy place!

In love with the Prosperity Scent

I tried this scent when I was visiting my friend and immediately ordered the same for myself. It just keeps me grounded and give me calmness, which eventually are essential parts of prosperity :) Also love how it stays for the whole day, good quality perfume.

I love these!!

I have tried all the scents in the sample and love them all, they make me feel very at peace and happy when I spray them on me or my pillows. I would definitely get the sample pack to see which one is your favorite, but I love them all so it will be hard to choose!

Enjoying them all

I originally purchased this item to see which fragrance I would enjoy the most. I am so torn but I have managed to get my choices down to 3. My birthday is next month so I will probably treat myself and buy the full size of Peace, Love and Detox.


I’m so glad I decided to try all of them, they are all very distinct in their scents. I’m obsessed with ascent to love, I think I’ll be purchasing that one. It’s like the perfect sweet combination without being overpowering. Courage is also amazing and so is detox. Peace is incredible. It’s so hard to choose!! I’m so glad I decided to try them all. Will totally be purchasing ascent to love soon!

Divine combination 🖤

So peace and detox might be my two favorite scents... Wait I lied, throw love in there too. Actually, I love them all! And the stone that they give you is a decent size. Alot of companies throw a stone in the mix and it ends up being a pebble... Hers are large and beautiful. When the bottle is finished, I put them under my pillow (especially the amethyst) to help calm my mind at night. Love this company🫀


The scents are so incredible even my daughters ask for me to spritz the peace one on them at night to help them sleep.
Our favorite scent so far is Love, but honestly each one is amazing and special in its own right. It really depends on what you're vibing with that day. So glad I got the sampler pack and looking forward to purchasing a full Love bottle.

Absolutely TRANSPORTS me!!

I was SO excited to get my bottle of Ascent to Detox and it does NOT disappoint! I love woodsy, grounding scents to begin with and Detox captures that clean, fresh, grounding essence and transports you as you manifest what you want to bring into your future. I use it every morning, putting it on at the beginning of my meditation ritual, and often re-spray later in the day. Not because the scent has worn off, but because I want to experience the magic again of the beautiful emotional place using Detox takes me to. It's like a mini escape during the day that resets my mind and reminds me of where I'm going, not where I've been. Highly recommend Ascent to Detox if you're looking for a powerful fragrance that benefits your life in multiple ways!

ASCENTION Fragrance Flight
Crystal Patterson

I ordered the sample pack to test out all of the scents, and while I love all of them, Prosperity is by far my favorite. I even spritz myself before I go to bed so I can drift off to sleep to that beautiful scent. I can't wait to get a full sized bottle of it!

Ascention fragrance flight

Best purchase ever. I bought this to try the scents and I’m loving every single one. I’m now going to get the larger bottles. My fave is love.

Intention Flavor of the Day

This is the perfect set to sample each of the fragrances before you commit to one. What I love about it is that I get to select a different one based on my vibe or what I am needing most on a given day. The affirmations and breathing exercise help to center me beforw I apply the fragrance which always elevates my vibration.

Great Scent

I love it! I will be purchasing the other scents soon!

So fun!

What a great way to sample all the scents! It was a so fun smelling them all and doing wear tests. They all smell amazing. My favorites were Detox and Prosperity.

Detox smells so goodddd

These scents really do smell beautiful. My favorite had to be the detox, but they all smell so gorgeous. I love that they are woman owned, natural and vegan too 💖


All of the scents smell amazing, hard to choose a favorite!

Love it

I just wish it lasted longer

Love is an understatement

I am so happy to have found this perfume! I absolutely love all of them. I first started with the sampler. This one, detox, and abundance are my favorites. Can not get enough of these scents!!

I am in Love. Ordered Ascent to Courage paired with Ascent to Peace and both are fabulous but Peace smells like heaven to me. Excited to try out Ascent to Love next!

ASCENTION Fragrance Flight
vanessa gutierrez
It smells amazing

I am actually so happy with the smell I love all of them but specially detox. It’s earthy and just gives me all the high vibes! I am also obsessed that these fragrances are clean love love them 💕