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Unveil the enchantment and allure of detachment with our captivating Detachment Spell Kit. This mesmerizing collection features the coveted Ascent to Peace, complete with a removable Amethyst for anointing yourself with our potent potion of detachment, accompanied by affirmations and rituals. The cap of the perfume is easily detachable for extracting a few drops of the elixir.

The Amethyst Crystal Pendant serves as both a striking accessory and a potent vessel to carry the spellbinding fragrance wherever you go, ensuring you're ready to embrace detachment and inner peace.

For a limited time, immerse yourself in a bundle valued at $216, now available at $140 (35% OFF!) – a celestial manifestation of attracting abundance through detachment.

Elevate your presence, adorn yourself in peace, and recognize that inner peace is your true abundance. Remember, the powerful way to manifest is to detach from the outcome, for inner peace is your greatest wealth.