Aromatherapy Power

Aromatherapy Power

How Aromatherapy Powers our Products

The medicinal and spiritual uses of aromatherapy have been around for centuries. From the incense of aromatic wood and spices used by the Egyptians, to the healing properties of ginger, myrrh and sandalwood used in Indian Ayurveda, the power of scent has roots that run deep. It’s something we experience, intentionally or not, on a daily basis. From the naturally energizing sensation of smelling coffee brewing in the morning, to the relaxation we feel surrounded by when we climb into a bed of fresh clean sheets, scent has a profound way of impacting our emotions.

The ingredients that comprise our fragrances are inspired by the key principles of aromatherapy, and are specially formulated to evoke the emotions in our five signature scents: Love, Peace, Courage, Detox, and Prosperity.

The distinctive citrus and floral qualities of bergamot is naturally uplifting and helps relieve nervousness, stress, and regulates emotions. Due to its unique and universal power, it is found in four of our five signature scents: Ascent to Courage, Ascent to Love, Ascent to Prosperity, and Ascent to Peace.

The soft, woodsy evergreen smell of cedar helps promote ease by reducing tension, increasing concentration, and calming the mind. Cedar also has detoxifying qualities to help improve circulation. It is found in Ascent to Courage, Ascent to Prosperity, and Ascent to Detox.

The sweet and velvety scent of jasmine sambac is tropical and exotic. It offers uplifting feelings of relaxation, confidence, and sexuality positivity. It is found in Ascent to Love, and Ascent to Peace.

Perhaps one of the most popular plants in aromatherapy, lavender is well known for its soothing, calming, centering, and anti-inflammatory healing properties. It can be found in Ascent to Peace, and Ascent to Love.

Bright and uplifting, the scent of lemon energizes and boosts mood, improves skin and digestive circulation, and stimulates healing. It is one of the scents found in Ascent to Peace.

Neroli is produced from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree. It is citrusy, spicy, and helps reduce anxiety and depression, while promoting confidence. It also has antiseptic properties, making it physically rejuvenating. Neroli can be experienced in Ascent to Peace.

The sunshiny and effervescent properties of orange helps heighten and trigger perception. It is bright, cheery, evokes positivity while alleviating anxiety and depression. Find it in Ascent to Peace.

Related to frankincense, and myrrh, Palo Santo translates to “holy wood.” It is one of the most fragrant woods in the world, with rich aromas of citrus, pine, and herbal mint. Palo Santo is often used in sacred healing rituals, as its aromatic properties invoke grounding, clarity, balance, peacefulness, and spiritual uplifting. Experience it in Ascent to Detox.

When people say ‘stop and smell the roses,’ it’s for good reason. The scent of rose helps you relax and comforts the mind, encouraging presence and awareness. It also pacifies heartbreak, grief, and builds confidence in spirit, love, and sexuality. Find it, naturally, in Ascent to Love.

It’s no surprise that sandalwood, derived from the Indian Santalum tree, has a distinctive warm and woodsy aroma that’s deep, earthy, and sensual. Its aromatic qualities promote positive mood from all angles, being both grounding and uplifting, and promotes alertness while reducing anxiety. Experience it in Ascent to Detox, and Ascent to courage.

The warm, rich, and soothing scent of vanilla instantly promotes relaxation and a sense of calm. Vanilla also helps regulate hormones, as well as has aphrodisiac qualities. Find it in Ascent to Love.

Rich, woodsy, and citrusy, vetiver is also known as the “oil of tranquility.” Not only does it help you resist stress and anxiety, it is deeply relaxing and helps maintain stability in times of emotional imbalance. Find it in Ascent to Courage, Ascent to Love, Ascent to Prosperity, and Ascent to Peace.

Scent is the most powerful sense when it comes to memory and emotion. Our fragrances were created using the key aspects of aromatherapy to promote positivity through self-care. Experience it for yourself with your boarding pass to reveal your best self here.




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