Morning Magic: A Five Minute Spell To Transform Your Life.

Morning Magic: A Five Minute Spell To Transform Your Life.

Hey there, it's Greta, and I want to share with you a morning routine that changed my life, that I call Morning Magic: A Five Minute Spell To Transform Your Life. Let's dive in.


Did you know that the moment you wake up after a good night's sleep, your mind is like a blank canvas? This is the perfect time to set intentions and use positive affirmations to start your day on the right foot.

I used to rush to check my phone and scroll through notifications as soon as I woke up. But then I realized that this routine caused me anxiety and stress throughout the day. I wasn't setting myself up for success by starting the day with low vibes.

So, I created a morning routine that works for me, and I want to share it with you. It only takes five minutes, and it's worth it. Let's do this together.

First, turn off your phone alarm and resist the urge to check your notifications. Instead, take a deep breath and be grateful for waking up to a new day. Then, use positive affirmations to tell yourself how much you love yourself, how capable you are, and that everything is well.

My favorite powerful affirmation is: I call on the energies of my highest self. I release all control and I am open to change and miracles. I am worthy of abundance, love and joy. Universe show me how good it can really get. Thank you. 
(comment and lmk how this made you feel, because this is powerful AF).



Now, here comes the fun part. Let's use my wellness perfume that I've created called ASCENTION. It's intentionally designed to elevate your mind and your vibration and evoke specific emotions. Using aromatherapy principles, ethically sourced crystals that are paired with each intention, and powerful affirmations that I channeled for each, in these rituals that I define as scent-therapy.



Throughout my wellness journey I discovered (what neurological studies have proven), that scent is our strongest sense that ties memory and emotion. When you have an experience with a scent, you form a memory. So why not condition your subconscious to feel a certain good way with scent? So, when you practice this powerful ASCENTION ritual, it creates a feel-good emotion that helps you start your day with an elevated vibration that keeps you in alignment with your desires and that's how you manifest. 

ASCENTION has helped me manifest my dreams and lead a healthier, happier life. It's a scent with intent to elevate your mind. You can do it too.

So, let's get started. Wake up five minutes earlier and let's create some magic together. You'll feel relief from stress and fear, happiness and joy, and self-belief. It's time to heal our fears and fuel our self-love. Let's make magic happen.

Starting your day with intention and gratitude can have a positive impact on your mindset, your overall health and wellness, and energy throughout the day. Remember a high vibrational body, doesn't experience disease. 

Ascention ritual bottle, clean, vegan, cruelty free

Here is your morning magic ritual: 

  1. Find a sacred space: Create a space where you can feel comfortable and at peace for at least 5 minutes without any interruptions. This can be in your bed, bathroom, shower, or in front of a mirror. If you have children, wake up before them. Use a sustainable Palo Santo to smoke cleanse your space and cleanse your energy. Light a candle and take three deep centering breaths.

  2. Write down your intentions: Write down your intentions as if you already have them. This can be done in a book or on a sticky note. Place it where you will see it often, such as on your mirror or nightstand. Repeat a mantra such as "I am love, I am loved" and express gratitude for the day ahead.

     Stayin' Aligned Parfum Kit, Ascention

  3. Use your ASCENTION wellness perfume to train your emotinos to feel good with your scent. I love working with Ascent to Detox everymoring to align my energy and to cleanse my aura. It's a great base perfume that works with your skin and you can layer any fragrance with it. Choose the intention that resonates with you at the moment, whether it's Ascent to Love, Ascent to Peace, Ascent to Prosperity, Ascent to Courage, or Ascent to Detox. Inhale its aroma and remember the feeling to create a lasting memory and impression.

  4. Meditate or work out: Take a moment to meditate or work out if time permits. This will help you maintain the positive energy and mindset you cultivated in the morning. If you can't fit it in, don't worry because the scent and impression are already there. Reapply the fragrance throughout the day to help you stay centered and focused on your intentions.

By starting your day with intention, gratitude, and a fragrance that evokes positive emotions, you can be better equipped to navigate any obstacles that come your way.


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