ASCENTION: Embracing the Magic of Witchy Wellness for Mind, Body, and Spirit

ASCENTION: Embracing the Magic of Witchy Wellness for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Hi Loves! Welcome to the ASCENTION universe of witchy wellness and how we use it for our self-care practice. For me, witchy wellness is all about connecting with nature, tapping into my intuition, and using the power of the elements to create magic to promote balance and harmony in my life. It's a holistic approach that encompasses mind, body, and spirit, and I'm excited to share with you some of my favorite practices. Let's jump in to some of my top favorite practices.

1. Make a Date to Meditate (Everyday)

First and foremost, meditation is a key part of my self-care routine. It's a powerful tool for quieting the mind, reducing stress and anxiety, and promoting relaxation. I've learned from my own healing and wellness journey, you can do all of the things: eat clean, drink your green juice, work out, but if your mindset is toxic, it defeats the purpose. Meditation is a way for you to tap into the energies of the universe and to connect with your higher-self. It is a sure-fire way to calm the body and the mind and helps your body, mind and spirit realign. If meditation is new to you, or if you find it hard to quiet your mind, start with guided meditations that incorporate visualization, breathwork, and intention setting. I love to work with Ascent to Detox with Smoky Quartz to calm my mind and get me in the meditation mood.

2. Aromatherapy Magic

Another practice that I incorporate into my self-care routine is aromatherapy. Essential oils have amazing therapeutic properties, and I love using them to promote relaxation, uplift my mood, and clear my mind. Plant magic and medicine was the core inspiration behind my creation of ASCENTION perfume. Scent therapy, which for us is the use of perfume, affirmation, intention setting in rituals is one of my favorite, super powerful ways to reprogram my subconscious mind, align my energy and to manifest my desires ,as well as to promote a sense of calm and balance.

3. Take Your Soul Vitamins: Crystal Power

Crystal healing is another practice that I love to incorporate into my self-care routine. Crystals have been used for centuries for their healing properties, and I find them to be a powerful tool for promoting balance and harmony in my life. Sometimes when it's hard to believe in something, crystals are a great tool to dial up your inner belief and healing, that's why I call them soul-vitamins.
I often meditate with crystals, carry them with me throughout the day, and use them in my self-care rituals. For example, I like to place a piece of rose quartz and amethyst under my pillow at night to promote loving dreams and restful sleep and enhance my dreams. I wear green aventurine jewelry to keep my scarcity mindset in check and to invoke abundance in all of its forms. And when I feel like I've absorbed low-vibrational energy throughout the day, I'll hold onto a piece of smoky quartz to transmute that energy into positive vibes - looking at you crystal potion amulet necklaces. 

4. Ritual Baths

Baths are another one of my favorite self-care practices, and I love to add Epsom salts, essential oils, and crystals to my baths to create a luxurious and healing experience. Not only does it promote physical relaxation, but it's also a great way to soothe the soul and tap into my intuition. Speaking of intuition, if meditation is hard for you, try meditating in a ritual bath- life changing and you're welcome. I like to add a few drops of Ascent to Peace with Amethyst perfume to my bath for an extra layer of relaxation and to enhance the properties of the amethyst crystal.

5. Candle Magic

Lastly, I love using candles for their magical properties. Candles have been used for centuries for their ability to promote relaxation, focus, and intention setting. I often use different colors and scents to enhance the energy of the moment and set my intentions for the day. This week, I'm working with a green candle for prosperity and a pink candle for love and miracles. I'll imbue and carve my intentions into the candles and light them while I meditate or do some journaling. It's a beautiful way to set the tone for my day and invite abundance and love into my life.

How about you? Did any of these resonate or inspire you? How can you incorporate witchy-wellness practices into your daily self-care routine and tap into your inner magic? Share with us your favorite self-care practices in the comments below!


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