Manifesting Magic: How to Make Moon Perfume with ASCENTION Ritual Bottles

Manifesting Magic: How to Make Moon Perfume with ASCENTION Ritual Bottles

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Hey there, my lovely friends!  I am thrilled to show you how to make moon perfume using our ritual bottles for manifesting your intentions. This is my favorite and most powerful way to manifest during the full moon using your scentses!

Our ASCENTION ritual bottles are specifically designed to create a sacred space for manifesting your deepest desires. And with the full moon in Libra, it's the perfect time to work with the energies of love and abundance. Libra's energy is all about finding balance and harmony in our lives, which makes it the perfect time to align our desires with what we truly need.

If you're looking to manifest love or prosperity, our Ascent to Love with Rose Quartz or Ascent to Prosperity with Green Aventurine ritual bottles are perfect for you. With a removable stone and a tray to hold a small piece of paper for your intentions and manifestations, you can easily infuse your perfume with the energy of the moon and your intentions.

During the full moon, it's essential to reflect and release what no longer serves us to make room for new manifestations. Simply remove the crystal from the bottle and hold it in your left receiving hand. Take a few moments to meditate and imagine yourself already having the love and abundance you desire.

For an added boost of power, write down your manifestations on a small piece of paper and fold them toward you. Place them in the dish under the stone and lock them in. Leave your perfume out overnight to be blessed with the energy of the full moon, and apply your perfume in the morning as you recite your powerful affirmation.

Making moon perfume is a super fun and powerful way to manifest using your senses and the power of the moon. And with ASCENTION ritual bottles, you can infuse your perfume with the energy of the full moon and ethically sourced crystals.

So, my friends, what intentions will you set during the next full moon? How will you infuse your manifestations with the energy of the moon and crystals? Each full moon is a powerful opportunity to reflect, release, and manifest. Let ASCENTION ritual bottles be your guide in creating a powerful and intentional full moon ritual. Happy manifesting!


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