Natural vs. Man Made Crystals

Natural vs. Man Made Crystals

Crystals are meticulously created by Mother Earth underneath her surface for many (sometimes billions of) years.

Throughout this process, they become charged with energy, taking on different shapes and colors and coming into their healing properties. We are then able to work with them and feel how their unique high-vibe frequencies interact with our internal and external spaces. Crystal healing has been practiced since the beginning of time; however, just like anything else that has been manipulated into becoming a mainstream “trend,” there are countless retailers who do not understand the sacred nature of crystals and sell inauthentic plastic, ceramic, resin, or glass pieces made to replicate their authentic counterparts. The process for identifying a manmade crystal varies greatly from stone to stone.

For a detailed authenticity guide for each crystal, we recommend checking out Hibiscus Moon’s Ultimate Reference Guide to Spotting Crystal Fakes.

A few general rules of thumb to keep in mind: 

  • Crystals are made to be perfectly imperfect. If the crystal in question has zero noticeable flaws or irregularities and is completely uniform in color and pigmentation, it is most likely fake. 

  • Glass has bubbles, crystals do not (especially in reference to quartz).

  • Fruit names = fake (lemon quartz, strawberry quartz, etc.).

  • “Aura” indicates a heating and metallic bonding process that changes the molecular structure of the crystal, effectively diminishing or compromising its metaphysical and healing properties. 

  • Just like knock-off designer bags sold on Canal Street, price is a huge indication of a crystal’s authenticity. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Disclaimer: Always follow your intuition. If you are drawn to man-made crystals for whatever reason, please continue to incorporate them into your self-care rituals. There is a big difference between being called to a certain stone and consciously working with it, and being lied to and told that something is authentic when it is not. We are simply here to educate our collective and shed light on an issue that is prevalent in media and retail spaces today, but is rarely advertised or discussed.

Ascention Beauty Co. has chosen to partner with one of the most transparent and authentic crystal retailers in the industry to bring awareness to the importance of sustainable mining and non-toxic crystal treatment.


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