Understanding How Crystal Energy Works

Understanding How Crystal Energy Works

When it comes to spirituality and science, many people feel that the two are mutually exclusive… two opposing sides in an ongoing war between “right and wrong.” But why isn’t our focus on finding a balance and blending these two worlds, rather than this counterproductive battle of who’s “right” and who’s “wrong,” These realms are more connected than one might think, and when it comes down to it, science and spirituality have the same goal: seeking answers.

So how do we explain something that science can’t explain?

There are countless phenomena in our world that are awaiting scientific explanation. Take the placebo effect for example. How does it happen that two people, one taking actual medication and one taking a sugar pill, will often experience the same effects? The dramatic influence of thought has yet to be fully understood, but it is one of the most powerful forces that we have access too. And crystals can actually work in much the same way.

We do not have the necessary tools to understand crystals… yet. But we have glimpses, theories, and hunches into the why, just as with any other scientific anomaly. Spirituality tells us to listen to our intuition, while science tells us to listen to logic and reason. But if science is unable to understand or explain intuition, it cannot utilize its power. So why not combine both?  Why limit our discovery of knowledge? Why not take the puzzle pieces that science gives us and combine them with the innate, pre-programmed instincts of our body and mind?

Crystals can rarely be studied and observed through the lens of science, because they do in fact, fall into that category of the unexplainable, at least in their metaphysical sense. However, the physical and metaphysical nature of crystals are closely intertwined. Albert Einstein proved that everything carries a vibration (thoughts included). An object free to vibrate without interference tends to do so at a specific rate, known as its natural or resonant frequency. This frequency depends on the size, shape, and composition of the object. The phenomenon, known as the Law of Resonance, states that whenever two bodies meet, the one with the highest amplitude of vibration will bring the other into resonance with it. Each crystal’s unique molecular structure determines its vibrational frequency, and when that vibration comes into contact with our human vibration, those forces will interact and adjust to synchronize in harmony.

This could also explain why some people may experience crystals more profoundly than others. Science has affirmed that low energy is vulnerable and easily influenced. That’s why our bodies start to break down after extended periods of high stress; the things that our system could once handle with ease have now become too much to bear in this depleted energetic state. The same is true of positive influence; those vibrating in a low energetic field will likely be able to feel the vibrational frequency of a crystals much more potently. But this must be tapped into through understanding, intuition, and receptiveness. A mind that is closed will remain stagnant.

Ultimately, one of the most essential aspects of crystal healing is accountability.

We’ve been conditioned to give up our power. Read that again.

We put our faith in doctors, diets, pills, etc. as a way to place responsibility in someone or something else. That’s where many people get crystals wrong, thus triggering “spirituality mocking.” But those who truly understand crystals know that they are not going to fuse broken bones, reverse dementia, or cure cancer. Rather, their magic works through the realization that you are the healer. They are tools in accountability. They strengthen our intuition because of the energy and powers that they carry, most of which we are not able to fully grasp, but we feel. They “speak” to us in ways that science can’t explain: the wordless language of the universe. When you pick up a stone and feel its energy, your intuition, often referred to as the “higher self” is communicating what you need, and reminding you that you are the only one who can manifest it. When you place an intention into a crystal, you are really placing the trust to manifest that intention in yourself, just subconsciously, until your conscious mind is ready to receive it.
We possess great healing powers, and we must tune into them in order to unlock their full potential.  

As we recognize, understand, and expand our intuition, crystals serve as a reminder of gratitude for the mysteries of the universe and the power to heal and evolve our minds, bodies, and souls. By simply observing their high vibration, we allow ourselves to be lifted to new levels of self-belief, self-care, and self-love.


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