• How To Dial Up Your Self-Belief During Uncertainty

    How To Dial Up Your Self-Belief During Uncertainty

    We've all heard the saying, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going."

    But what does that mean exactly? What does it mean to be tough? And do I really want to be tough? 

    Basically the saying means that when the situation becomes difficult, the strong will work harder to meet the challenge. Let's take a deeper approach to this statement when it applies to ourselves to determine if it's in fact that we have to work "harder" or more so "hearter." 

    Hear me out...


    What is a ritual and what does it mean for ASCENTION? We are all creatures of habit. From our morning routine to how we take our coffee, we know what we like, and often stick to it. Though habits also get...

  • Making Scents of Memory

    Making Scents of Memory

    You’re brunching with gal pals when suddenly, the scent of cinnamon and maple syrup from your french toast takes you back to the carefree Sunday mornings of your childhood and right then you find yourself grinning, and your friends are wondering what's in that french toast.

    Scent has a major impact on memory, and it can sometimes be subtle, or vividly specific. 

  • Understanding How Crystal Energy Works

    Understanding How Crystal Energy Works

    Each crystal’s unique molecular structure determines its vibrational frequency, and when that vibration comes into contact..
  • Natural vs. Man Made Crystals

    Natural vs. Man Made Crystals

    The process for identifying a manmade crystal varies greatly from stone to stone..

    • Crystals are made to be perfectly imperfect. If the crystal in question has zero noticeable flaws or irregularities and is completely uniform in color and pigmentation, it is most likely fake. 

    • Glass has bubbles, crystals do not (especially in reference to quartz).

    • Fruit names = fake (lemon quartz, strawberry quartz, etc.).

    • “Aura” indicates a heating and metallic bonding process that changes the molecular structure of the crystal, effectively diminishing or compromising its metaphysical and healing properties. 

    • Just like knock-off designer bags sold on Canal Street, price is a huge indication of a crystal’s authenticity. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.