Don't Set Resolutions, Set Intentions and Here's Why.

Don't Set Resolutions, Set Intentions and Here's Why.

Let’s face it, have you ever kept your New Year’s resolution? We’ve all been there and done that. “New year, new me” resolutions tend to last, at minimum, a few weeks at most. We’ve seen the gym memberships explode in the first two months of the year, dry / detox January, and then comes February and resolution...? What resolution…?

This is due to our natural habits and addictive programming that we have to consciously re-program. Resolutions come from a place of ego, a place of lack and shame. A place of “would’ve, could’ve, should’ve,” which leads to us going back into our comfort zone of what we are used to, when we fall off the wagon, or when things get “hard.” Resolutions are usually formed based on how we want to be perceived by other people’s expectations of what is acceptable behavior for success, the social media “standard” of what you should look like, or live like, what success looks like based on how others view you.

What if we changed the perspective and the narrative of what resolutions are. Let’s take the ego and the “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality out of it. What if you changed the narrative and focused on your self-love, self-care and self-belief instead, to set intentions to reveal your best-self?

Instead of saying these typical types of resolutions, which are usually rooted in shame, lack, or a fear or scarcity based mentality, which is all low vibing, toxic energy, such as:

  • I need to lose weight.
  • I need to eat healthier.
  • I need to work out more.
  • I need to start that business.
  • I need to save more.
  • I need to pay off debt.
  • I need to leave this relationship.
  • I need to travel more.


Set these intentions instead, which are rooted in radical self-love, self-care and self-belief. Remember, self-care isn’t only about massages, naps, and baths, it’s about your inner hustle that you invest in yourself. It’s about being consistent and holding yourself accountable.

  • I love myself the way I want to be loved.
  • I accept myself the way that I am, I am enough just as I am.
  • I work towards a more balanced lifestyle.
  • I intuitively choose foods that will fuel me and heal me to make me feel-good.
  • I will feel it to heal it (remember triggers are your body's way of letting you know what needs attention and love.)
  • I choose movement as medicine to help move the stagnant energy within me to enlighten my spirit.
  • I believe in myself and invest in my future, day by day I build towards my goal.
  • I set healthy boundaries with my relationships.
  • I say no without guilt and yes without fear.
  • I remove fear from my energy and I follow my bliss, wherever it may be.
  • I will never give up on myself, obstacles are lessons and blessings in disguise.

The key to a lifestyle change and manifesting your intentions is consistency and the unwavering conviction that it’s coming. Align your behaviors and choices around your intentions. You can write them down on sticky notes and post around places in your home that you most frequent, to remind you of your intentions. When you read your intentions everyday, feel what it feels like to achieve these intentions. I love using my fragrance, ASCENTION, to capture this feeling, as scent is our strongest sense that ties memory and emotion. When I feel like I need to lift my spirits to remind me of my destiny, I spray my fragrance and my mood lifts instantly to align me with my goals.

Creative visualization is also so powerful when setting intentions. You can create a vision board with your intentions written or pictures of your goals. You can meditate on the feeling of living your intentions and goals and what that feels like. You can do this for at least five to ten minutes per day, or whenever you feel the need to realign your energy. The key is not to be manic and obsess or stress over the manifestation process, because the negative energy of fear and panic actually delays the process. Instead, find joy in feeling these emotions as if they already manifested.

Be consistent in your actions and remember the 21/90 day rule: When you do something for 21 days straight or three weeks, you start to form a habit. Continue this same ritual for another ninety days, or three months, it becomes a lifestyle change. Consistency is key. 

When you feel like giving up or that it’s not happening as fast as you’d like it to, take stock in how much you’ve achieved and celebrate the little wins. For example, if you’re starting your own business or side hustle, start off slow and build the foundation by buying books that resonate with what you want to do, book classes on building a new skill set. Celebrate that you took those steps and move to execute what you always dreamed of doing. When you show the universe that you’re serious by taking action, the universe delivers with opportunities or people that can help you. True story, this is how I manifested my life-long dream of starting my own business, which I launched during Covid-19 and is thriving!

Before you know it, you are focused on the feel-good feeling of investing in yourself and watching it pay off. With these small steps, you are reprogramming toxic, outdated ways of thinking and doing. You are the magic that you seek, it’s always within you, it’s your birthright to unleash it and to keep going. Think about it this way, is the pain of staying in your comfort zone greater or less than not achieving your dreams? Fear will always be there, but what will you give your energy to? I hope you choose to go after it and align your energy with 100% love and 0% fear.


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