How To Dial Up Your Self-Belief During Uncertainty

How To Dial Up Your Self-Belief During Uncertainty

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We've all heard the saying, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going."

But what does that mean exactly? What does it mean to be tough? And do I really want to be tough? 

Basically the saying means that when the situation becomes difficult, the strong will work harder to meet the challenge. Let's take a deeper approach to this statement when it applies to ourselves to determine if it's in fact that we have to work "harder" or more so "hearter." 

Hear me out...
In my experience, when you build a strong foundation, whether it be in business, relationships, or within yourself, no matter what storms come through, your structure still stands. 
The corona virus has brought an awakening to each of us to enlighten us on what really matters and how strong is our internal structure.
When you take away the ways in which we try to pacify or avoid our healing, like with shopping, travel, numbing the pain, instead of actually going within to love ourselves-- like the way we want to be loved and forgive ourselves for negative thoughts and forgive anyone who has hurt us etc), we realize how strong our structure really is and that now is an amazing time to start building that strong foundation to healing what needs to be healed. Let’s face it, we all have our own unique healing journeys. 
When you’re triggered by uncertainty, first, it’s absolutely normal and okay. It just means that like many of us, your self-love and self-belief need extra attention and care.
We have been conditioned since childhood by society to not show our emotions and to keep them bottled up inside. We’ve heard the saying “crying is for babies”, or don’t be too emotional. Am I right?
In reality, we were given our emotions for a reason. It's within our nature  to allow our emotions to heal us and guide us to make better decisions. When we are in tune with our emotions (think gut instinct) and not with stress (think external negative stimulation), we are able to make better life and business decisions out of love instead of fear.
When we get out of our head and into our heart, which is contrary to popular belief which focuses more on a rational way of thinking, which don't get me wrong, is very important, but it needs to be balanced and perhaps outweighed by the heart, or gut instinct.
The late Steve Jobs, said it best. “Trust Your Instincts.”
This corona virus, which corona is actually translated to "garland or crown" from the latin word corōna, which is tied to our seventh chakra, the crown or Sahasrara , which is located at the crown of the head, is actually forcing us to wake the eff up.
This is our time for our realization that we are all connected in love without ego, through energy. This energy allows us to experience oneness with everyone and everything in the universe and when your crown is opened, fuels your inner knowing and belief in yourself and in the energy that you transmit to the universe (more on that coming soon). We open our crown chakra and the six others through mindfulness and our mindful acts for ourselves, others and the earth.
Here are some ways that each of us can do to develop mindfulness and serenity during anxious times:
First, limit your tv / digital time with news to a few minutes each day. Get the info that you need to stay informed, but don’t dwell on it. When you realize yourself being triggered with anxiety, take a few deep mindful breathes that start in the belly. 
Ever notice that when we are anxious, we have what I call "shallow breathing,"  where we breathe from our chest rather than our bellies. 
What has worked for me during my most stressful times is to start being mindful of your breathing. Oxygen is our medicine. 
Start by taking a deep breath in for two beats and then out for two. 
Then again for four beats and then out for four. 
Keep going for six until you realized that you’re calm and centered. 
As you’re breathing think of happy memories that you can pivot the negative thoughts into something positive. 
A great way to start being more mindful and to discover your “why” is to start meditating. 
Even if you start with a five minute meditation while you’re focusing on your breathing will help you reroot and regroup. They are many great apps out there that can help guide you if you need. 
For me I start with sitting in silence and listening to my body. What is hurting me? I then take a deep breath and I imagine a white light coming in to that place that hurts and healing it with love. I hold onto that thought until I feel myself relax and filled with a warming loving energy. This all has to do with the alignment with our chakras which are the seven spiritual centers in our body which tie into our basic need states and energies. For example, if you’re feeling anxiety and you’re having pain in your belly, this means that your solar plexus or Manipura, your third chakra that ties to self acceptance and how we feel about ourselves is out of alignment. 
A way to heal this and to realign is to focus on what brings you the ultimate joy. It can be something simple as what can I do today that I never had the time to do before. 
Perhaps it’s to workout, go for a walk outside, call someone who you’ve been meaning to get in touch with, organize your closet or home and get rid of anything that is holding low-vining energy and that doesn’t bring you joy. Start something that you always wanted to start like writing a book, a business plan, art project, taking up a new hobby or trying a new recipe. These are some topline suggestions, but basically whatever brings you joy, focus and transmute your energy on that. 
Another great tool that I use to help bring me to alignment and back to my center is to do a quick ritual. I take a smudge, whether it’s sustainable Palo Santo or sage and I light it and I cleanse my energy. I circle the smudge starting from my crown chakra and I work my way down to my root chakra. Inhaling deeply and exhaling as I go.
I recite: all is well, I am safe, I am capable,  I am loved, I am love. I take a deep breath and say thank you to the universe for bringing me to where I am and showing me what needs the most care. 
Sometimes you just need a moment to feel the feels,
Cry and let them out. That’s part of the healing process. Hug yourself and assure yourself that all is well and that this too shall pass. Worrying about the situation won’t change things. Focus on the only
things that you can change, which is your attitude toward the situation. A simple shift of focusing on what brings you joy is a great start to building the foundation of your self belief and self love. 
What can we do to support each other?
Part of the healing process is to help others along the way. The uplifting and euphoric feeling you’ll feel when someone says to you, “thank you for your kind words, I really needed that today” is like nothing you’ve ever felt before. 
Start by checking in with your closest friends and family, especially those strong friends who don’t need anyone. Those are the friends who battle things on their own and would never reach out, are the ones who secretly need you right now. 
Check in and see how they’re doing. Tell them how strong and amazing they are. How beautiful they are and that we are in this together. Talk about ways that you’ll support each other and what fun you’ll have once this passes and we all emerge beautiful butterflies after we do the internal (cocooning) work. 
Most importantly, check in on your elderly family member or neighbor. Offer to get their prescriptions or groceries. Leave them at their front door. Some little gestures of love is what we as a collective need right now to dial up our connection and sense of hope which is powerful.  
The more love that you share, the more contagious healing becomes. And that is what we need right now.  
So let's work "hearter" on ourselves and share our hearts with the collective. The world needs you now.
Much love, 


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