What is a ritual and what does it mean for ASCENTION?

We are all creatures of habit. From our morning routine to how we take our coffee, we know what we like, and often stick to it. Though habits also get repeated, rituals are based more on mindful intentions that carry a specific meaning.

In ancient times, rituals were designed to conjure something of one’s desires they
didn’t already have. Like ceremonies asking for rain, offerings made to appease
certain deities, acquire bounty and prosperity, or attempts to understand the
unknown. Additionally, they were carried out to celebrate or mark specific events, which ultimately helped create identity and shape community.

Today there are many definitions of the word "ritual," ranging from religious ceremonies celebrating milestones or in celebration of nature’s abundance,
to beauty/health/workout "rituals" that you may do daily to name a few. 

But what does it mean?

A ritual is an activity or or set of activities that are performed in ceremonies usually with certain words, tools, and objects of significance towards a belief system during an important time. Rituals can vary from being very structured and sequential as found in religious ceremonies, to being more intuitive and flow which is based on each individual.

The common ground of any ritual is that rituals help center us, they help us remember who we are, and that we are all connected to the earth.

Rituals have evolved over time and developed many iterations and are not strictly tied to religious ceremonies but are ceremonies to celebrate your connection to the universe and to the earth. They help us co-create our lives, they help us center and remember who we are and help balance our ego’s effect on how we go about life. 

Even “beauty/health/workout rituals,” which are the actions you take everyday to achieve your desired outcome, result in feel-good moments. 

Now that we’ve set the stage, let’s take it a little deeper. 

Rituals give us freedom to reveal our inner desires, to heal our inner wounds, to fall in love with ourselves and to appreciate our connection to the universe. We are all connected by energy and whatever energy you emit, you attract. 

If you’re feeling low, that’s the frequency you will attract. Same with feeling high. Rituals help us remove and replace low energy with higher vibrations of feeling good. Some of this is as simple as cleansing your aura and space of negativity with a smudge, lighting a candle and reciting your affirmations and mantra and meditating on that feeling. This is a simple ritual celebrating you and your connection to the universe to co-create your life. 

Rituals are essential in wellness because they give us a sense of renewal. Just like rest and sleep re-charge our inner batteries, rituals give us a super boost of re-evaluation of what’s really important and clears our mind of anything that doesn’t resonate. Your state of wellness stems from your mind. If your mind is clean from toxic thoughts, over-stimulation and stress, then your body is too. 

Rituals allow us to check in with our true-self to see what is resonating and what is not. They help us to fight through our fear and limiting belief patterns to reveal our inner light and purpose.

At ASCENTION our rituals celebrate you! 

Our rituals combine the power of scent with the power of intent to keep you feeling good and your vibe-high to co-create your bliss. 

Each of our fragrances is consciously crafted using mindful ingredients that evoke elevated emotions. These fragrances are paired with mantras and affirmations that help you remember who you are and capture that feel good moment anytime anywhere. 

Our rituals are a ceremony of you to fight through fear and to thrive in love.  
With much love and gratitude
Greta Fitz, founder


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